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Deciding which products to carry in your store is no easy task. You know your customers, but finding the right mix of tools, supplies and accessories can be a challenge even for the most experienced retailer! At DiamondCore® Tools, we want to make things easier for you. Through our International Dealer program, we're giving retailers around the world the chance to provide their customers with easy access to DiamondCore® Tools! 

While we love to sell direct, we also love working with retailers to be able to provide lower shipping cost and the chance for artists to see and feel our amazing tools in person. We could go on and on about our handmade hardwood handles, or our proprietary stainless-steel blades. On our carving tools, our blades are so thin and sharp, they leave little to no burs or debris, so you get crisp clean lines every time. On our trimming tools, our never-dull blades are sharp enough to trim clay that’s either too wet or too dry for other tools, and are designed to provide minimal drag and resistance for a smooth finished product. The diamond stylus tips on our sgraffito tools let you create intricate pencil-like etching and detailing. Our diamond sanding and grinding products work faster, harder, and longer than silicon carbide, sandpaper, and other abrasive materials, giving you better results and a a long-lasting, comfortable sanding experience. But sometimes, seeing is believing, which is why we're looking for great retailers to carry DiamondCore® Tools internationally!

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Due to very high demand, we are only accepting dealership applications for retailers outside the US at this time. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our top selling pottery tools:

Pottery Tool Sets

Pottery Carving & Trimming Tools

Handheld Clay Extruders

Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tools

Diamond Sanding & Grinding Accessories

Other Pottery Accessories and Ceramics Tools

Please note, we are currently only accepting dealership applications for retailers outside the US due to very high demand.