Diamond Cut-Off Wheel w/ Mandrel (6 piece set) - DiamondCore Tools
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Diamond Cut-Off Wheel w/ Mandrel (6 piece set)

1.7 oz
Looking for the perfect ceramic rotary tools for pottery to remove sharp edges, drips and smoothing your final product? DiamondCore Tools has your back! 


  • 50 mm (2") diamond cutoff wheels (5 wheels with 60#, 1 mandrel)
  • 1 mm-thick metal plate with diamonds fused on both sides
  • 3 mm-diameter shaft on mandrel for rotary tool or Dremel®
  • Great for removing unwanted chunks or drips


  • Grinding glaze drips, bisque or high-fired ceramic
  • Also works on tile, stone or glass
  • Removing sharp edges, smooth chipped edges
  • Shaping or cleanup of bisque spots
  • Removing kiln shelf debris


  • Rapid removal of unwanted material
  • Long lifespan if used properly
  • Dust is controlled with water use


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Always use safety goggles
  • Be certain to clean and remove all debris from splash pans
  • Use cordless rotary tool to avoid water getting in motor
  • Always use with water to extend tool life and control dust
  • Do not attempt to force or pry with this tool
  • Keep out of the reach of children 

Note: For longevity, use water, high speed and gentle pressure. Overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan and change the tool shape. "Let the diamonds do the work."