L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - Needle/1 mm Ball

Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool
Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool
Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool

L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - Needle/1 mm Ball

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The L1 Diamond Stylus Tool from DiamondCore® Tools features a diamond needle tip on one end and a 1 mm diamond ball tip on the other. This gives you the flexibility for pencil-like freehand carving, fine Sgraffito detailing, and the ability to clean up bisque lines and grooves.


  • Diamond tips on both ends
  • Leopardwood foam-grip pencil handles
  • Diamond “needle” tip on one end
  • 1 mm diamond ball tip on the other end
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Pencil-like freehand carving
  • Fine Sgraffito detailing on dry clay
  • Fine carving on drier clay
  • Cleanup of bisque lines/grooves
  • Foam grip reduces fatigue
  • Long-lasting diamond tips


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children   




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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kris S.
Exactly what I wanted

I recently received this tool that will allow me to create the fine lines that I have so wanted to make on my pottery. I love adding to my DCT collection!

my favorite tool

I love love love this tool! Obviously perfect for fine sgraffito lines—that's what I use it most for. But my favorite use is cleaning up glaze lines with it! Using either end to scrape away glaze has saved a lot of my pieces / made them so much cleaner if you're doing detailed glaze work. The diamond tips scrape away all remnants, and can even slightly scrape through bisque, so you know there will be no residual color from finicky glazes. Don't know what I would do without it

The BEST sgraffito tool in my collection!

I have every one of Diamondcore’s sgraffito tools, and this is hands down my favorite one! The extremely fine lines this allows me to carve makes creating even the tiniest of details possible. The fact that it’s double sided is awesome too, since it’s pretty much 2 tools in 1! I highly recommend starting with this one if you can’t decide which one to get!

Marge S.
Best Design tools in the pottery world.

I had already started using a couple of fine point carving tools and when I saw this used by a potter, I knew I had to have it. It has easily lived up to what I had hoped for and I'm pretty sure all Diamond Core Tools would do the same. I have to pace myself a bit as to the cost, but I won't use another tool maker.

Athena M.L.
"Your so fine you blow my mind!"

With the L1 you get two beautiful options to create flawless carved lines. With sgraffito you can carve through glaze with precision creating smooth thin lines.I have really enjoyed using this tool and was surprised at how quickly I was able to create stunning designs with ease. These tools were designed not just for beautiful results but also with the comfort of the artist in mind. Unlike other companies, the DiamondCore tools are super light weight and come with finger cushions. So even if you are carving for eight hours straight, your hands will not suffer from a bulky tool.