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3-Piece Sgraffito Stylus Set (L1, L2, L3; $135 when purchased separately)

3.0 oz

Do you love intricate detailing and fine lines in your ceramics? Then don’t miss this limited-time set featuring our best-selling diamond stylus tools. This assortment is perfect for artists wanting to try out different stylus tools and see how DiamondCore compares to others in the industry. This three-piece set includes:

  • An L1 Diamond Stylus Tool - Needle/1.2 mm Ball
  • An L2 Diamond Stylus Tool - 2.5mm Crown/0.7 mm Ball
  • An L3 Diamond Stylus Tool - Large Football/ Small Football

If purchased separately, these tools would run more than $135. Save money by bundling them and get this kit for $119 for a limited time! Learn more about these must-have ceramic tools below.