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NEW!! COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of Semi Flex Diamond Pads

3.0 oz
    Set of all three Semi Flex Diamond Grit Pottery Sanding Pads (1.75″ x 2.75″)
    Semi-flexible foam-backed pottery sanding pads with diamond grit
    1/2" foam-backing  "workhorse" pads


         60  grit (coarse) for rough heavy clay or glaze

         120 grit (medium) general purpose

         240 grit (fine) for smoothing  


    • Smooth off high-fired clay, glaze, bisqueware,
    • Also works on tile, stone or glass
    • Diamond grit work faster than sandpaper
    • Removing a sharp chipped edge
    • Fewer strokes and less force are required
    • Smoothing the foot, sides or rim of a ceramic piece

   • Very economical, and long service life
   • Can be used wet or dry ( doesn't deteriorate in water)
   • Far outlast sandpaper
   • Far less fatigue than sandpaper
   • Much easier and faster than other type of type of abrasive 
   • Smooths foot to prevent scratching a table 
   • Prevents foot from snagging a tablecloth

   • Use all appropriate safety precautions
   • Keep out of the reach of children

Made in the USA