3-Piece Fine Point Clay Carving Set 3 - DiamondCore Tools
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3-Piece Fine Point Set 3 (FP4, FP6, FP8)

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If you’re looking for some great ceramic carving tools that allow you to get into tight places to craft fine, intricate details into your pottery, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve bundled three of our most popular fine-point carving tools to expand your ceramic tool collection. Each tool comes with an extra blade and three total grips!

This DiamondCore® fine-point ceramic tool bundle includes: 

  • FP4 Fine Point Javelin Carving Tool
  • FP6 Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
  • FP8 Fine Point Flat Chisel Carving Tool

These tools are far superior to traditional sgraffito wire tools — and our proprietary blade technology never dulls and gives you cleaner lines, crisper edges and less drag every time. Both sides of the blade are equally sharp and work the same for right- or left-handed artists.

If purchased separately, these tools would cost more than $114. Save money by bundling them and get this set for $99! Learn more about each of these tools below. 

FP4 Fine Point Javelin Carving Tool

  • V-tipped, javelin-shaped blade
  • Hardwood pencil carver with two comfortable grips
  • Perfect for  extremely fine, multidirectional lines

FP6 Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool

  • 3 mm-diameter, ballpoint-shaped blade
  • Pencil carver for finer detail work on your pottery
  • Can maintain a consistent groove at various angles

FP8 Fine Point Flat Chisel Carving Tool

  • 3.5 mm-wide, flat chisel-shaped blade
  • Perfect for removing thin layers of material
  • 5-inch (139 mm) long pencil-type handle

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