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About Us

We create and manufacture unique, innovative high quality tools for ceramic artists, and for glass, tile, wax, stone and a host of other materials that are difficult to work with.  Our goal is to provide tools that change paradigms and will allow artists to do things that could not be done before.

With our diamond tools our objective is to make it so that the difficult work can be done faster and easier to allow artists more time to focus on creativity and productivity, and to make their work more appealing.

The beautiful Zebrawood carving and trimming tools we invented/designed are unique and very different than ordinary loop tools.  Our tools are high-performance and are designed to be ergonomic and minimize fatigue and muscle strain, while giving artists the ability to make their work higher quality and more refined appeal.

DiamondCore® Tools Changing the World... of Ceramic Arts!

Faster… save a lot of time

Harder… requires far less force

Stronger … means much less fatigue

Better….  superior results

Game Changers!

See what artists are creating with our tools on the DiamondCore® Instagram page below: DiamondCore® Tools