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Carving Tools with Unique Blades

Create one-of-a-kind pottery pieces with the DiamondCore Tools' clay carving tools with unique blade shapes. Check out our available, unique carvers below.


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4-Piece Exotic Carving Tool Set
K6R Hook Tip Clay Carver (Right Handed)
P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool
Left Handed P6L Hook Tip Carving Tool
Right Handed P6R Hook Tip Carving Tool
P4V Fluting Tool
P4 Fluting Tools Set
X1 12 mm V Fluting Tool
X2 12 mm U Fluting Tool
X3 3 mm Square Fluting Tool
X4 1 mm Square Fluting Tool
X5 3 mm U Fluting Tool
X6 12 mm VU Fluting Tool
X7 6 mm Square Fluting Tool
X8 Double U Fluting Tool
X9 Double V Fluting Tool
DiamondCore Tools 3-Piece Fluting Tools Set 3
3-Piece Fluting Tools Set 1
3-Piece Fluting Tools Set 2