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From the novice enthusiast to the most experienced artisan, there’s rarely a person who knows everything about creating ceramics. Practicing using the tools of the trade is a great way to improve your technique and to get your pottery piece as close to perfect as possible. 

In addition to the suggested uses on each product page, we’ve compiled some handy tips for using DiamondCore® Tools. Check out the tips below, and see if the accompanying videos explain more than you might have considered.

Carving Tools

We often get asked, "Which tool should I buy?" Well, it depends!

Whether you want to make wide, narrow, square or curved lines in your art, we've got you covered with a complete range of carving tools. Check out this comparison video featuring a variety of our signature carving tools and be inspired with your own creations! 

Fine Point Carving Tools

DiamondCore® Tools is thrilled to announce our latest product addition: the FP series, aka, our Fine Point Carving Tools! We’ve revamped our three original fine point clay carvers and added six additional stainless-steel blade shapes to choose from, allowing you even more options when adding precise details to your ceramic creations.

Want to see each carving tool in action? Check out this video putting the FP1 through FP9 to great use creating a nature scene. We’ll have more videos of each tool individually (and their best uses) in the coming weeks.

Fluting Tools

Give your pottery the ultimate smooth grooves with our newest product line: the X series of fluting tools. This video shows each of the six new tools and the crisp, convex lines they create. With pressure, each blade flexes, giving you control over the exact depth and shape of lines, whether straight or curved. Watch for yourself:

Wood Ribs

Though wood ribs may seem the simplest of tools in a pottery studio, ceramic artists know they’re some of the most important when throwing on the wheel.

In this comparison video, see our Wood Rib 50 mm, Wood Rib 75 mm and Wood Rib 100 mm in action. Whether they’re opening your clay on the wheel or supporting an edge on a wide bowl, these ribs are so handy. And they feel great in the hand, thanks to laser engraving that helps improve your grip in a variety of positions.   revamped our three original fine point clay carvers and added six additional stainless-steel blade shapes to choose from, allowing you even more options when adding precise details to your ceramic creations.

Handheld Clay Extruders

Our Handheld Clay Extruders are perfect for creating fast, consistent handles and feet for your ceramic pieces. Keep these techniques in mind when it’s time to add those amazing final touches:

  • Start with fresh clay that isn’t too sticky; let it sit out for 10 to 20 minutes. Use a flat slab of clay deeper than the handle you want to make.
  • Make sure your tool is clean without any debris around the blade.
  • Pull the extruder tool toward you with even, gentle pressure at about a 45-degree angle. Pulling up at the very end may help create a “tab.” Too steep of an angle will press the extrusion back down, making it adhere again to the slab.
  • Guide the blade with a forefinger on the wood handle. Don’t use your thumb to pull the tool, which may push the extrusion back into the clay.
  • If the extrusions are too close together, sometimes a thin ribbon will cling to the sides. If that occurs, rub the ribbons back down into the slab before lifting the extrusion. (The ribbons can also be wiped off carefully with a damp sponge.)
  • One way to release a sticky extrusion is to lift the slab and let both sides of the slab drop down, like a hinge folding outward. The extrusion should separate more easily.

Grinding and Sanding

Little nicks and glaze drips are all part of the process of pottery, but don’t throw your pieces away just because of some problems. Our diamond grinding discs, sanding pads and sanding paper can save the day and rescue your pottery from imperfections on the feet and elsewhere.

Check out our instructional demo from Instagram. In this livestream, we used several tools to remove debris from the bottom of a cup, taking it from scratchy to baby-smooth.


More videos to come!

Keep watching this page as we update it with more instructional videos from the DiamondCore® Tools team. Do you have any tips that work for you that we should add? Is there a video of a specific tool you’d like to see us make? Send us an email to or contact us on social media. We’re on Facebook and Instagram!