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Trimming Spinner
Trimming Spinner
Trimming Spinner

Trimming Spinner

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    Trimming Spinner goes on the bottom of a pot or mug while trimming.  A finger of the potters left hand rests in the concave center allowing the potter to stabilize the trimming hand while trimming.  The wider footprint disperses downward pressure to help prevent a thin-walled piece from collapsing. Thin, foam rubber backing grips the piece. There are no moving parts.  A weighted string or fishing line can be looped through the center hole and pulled/hung to mark lines down the side of a piece, in lieu of a laser. 

    Aids in trimming
    Works well with our StickyBat and StickyPads
    Division marks for quick reference for markings

    Provides wider area to disperses downward pressure
    helps prevent a thin-walled piece from collapsing
    Allows trimming hand to be stabilized on other hand
    Convenient marks for 1/2 to 1/9th divisions   etc
    Rubber grip works better than a bottle cap 

   Use all appropriate safety precautions
   Keep gentle downward pressure while piece is turning
   Keep out of the reach of children 

Made in the USA