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3-Piece Starter's Carving Set (P1, P2, P5; $111 when purchased separately)

6.0 oz

This ceramic carving tool set is perfect for artists who are just getting started and want to try out a variety of different pottery carving tools. It features some of our most popular and commonly used pottery tools that you’ll love having in your collection. 

The three-piece carving tool set includes:

  • P1 Curved V Tip
  • P2 Curved U Tip 6-mm
  • P5 Curved Square Tip 9mm (aka "Relief Carver")

With these three popular carving tools, you see how DiamondCore’s products stand above others in the industry. Our advanced blade technology never dulls and creates clean lines, crisp edges, and a more efficient carving experience every time. 

If purchased separately, these ceramics tools would cost more than $110. By bundling together, you save money and get them for only $99! It’s a real deal for these ergonomic and innovative carving tools. Learn more about the tools below.