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Lapidary Tools

Whether your lapidary interests run toward jewelry-making, home décor or more, having the right tools is essential when working with minerals and gemstones. After all, shaping and polishing these precious stones can be a delicate process, and you want to be sure you have the best possible tools for the job. That's where DiamondCore Tools comes in! We offer a wide range of grinding, sanding and polishing tools designed especially for lapidary artists. From rotary tools to sandpaper pads and sets, we have everything you need to create beautiful works of art. And because our tools are made with high-quality diamond abrasives, you can be confident that they'll last for years to come. So if you're looking for the best lapidary tools on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We'll help you create works of art that are indeed unique!

6-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set with Rounded Corners
6-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set with Square Corners
4-Piece Small Spiral Band Set
4-Piece Large Spiral Band Set
 Diamond Polishing Paste Set
Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet 9 Piece Set
8-Piece Mini Circular Diamond Pad Set
Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set
6 Piece Diamond Cut-Off Wheels w/ Mandrel Set
5-Piece Diamond Sandpaper Set
Small Spiral Band Rubber Mandrel
Small Spiral Sanding Band
Large Spiral Sanding Band
25mm Spiral Band Rubber Mandrel
DiamondCore Hole Drills
Micro Rotary Round End Taper Diamond Hole Drill
Micro Rotary Flat End Taper Diamond Hole Drill
Micro Rotary Football Diamond Hole Drill
Micro Rotary Large Cylinder Diamond Hole Drill
80 Grit Pottery Rotary Tool - Bullet Shaped
170 Grit Rotary Tool
80 Grit Cylinder Rotary Tool
80 Grit Dome Rotary Tool
170 Grit Round Rotary Tool
80 Grit Slim Cone Rotary Tool
100 grit inverted cone rotary tool
100 Grit Round End Taper Rotary Tools
100 Grit Sharp Flame Rotary Tool
100 Grit Tapered Inverted Cone Rotary Tool
100 Grit Drum Shape Rotary Tool
600 Grit Ball End Rotary Tool
Bead Reamer Rotary Tool
Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit
Dremel Collet Set
400 Grit Diamond Polishing Paste
Flexible Diamond Sanding Strips
Diamond Sandpaper
Flexible Diamond Pad with Rounded Corners
Flexible Diamond Pad with Square Corners