Diamond Sandpaper (Sold Individually)

Diamond Sandpaper (Sold Individually)

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Diamond Grit "Sandpaper" for Ceramics
Diamond sanding paper is available in 2.5" x 4" or 8.5" x 11" sizes
Backing extremely thin and flexible
Sanding paper grit sizes available: 
  • 120 (medium)
  • 200 (medium fine)
  • 400 (fine)
  • 800 (ultra fine)
  • 1500 (ultra fine)
  • (60 not available at this time)
  • This Diamond Grit "Sandpaper" for ceramics is great for smoothing intricate details or tight crevices. 
  • Works on bone dry, bisque, high-fired clay or glaze, glass, tile, stone
  • Perfect for sanding contoured areas
  • Removing a sharp edge on a handle, rim or foot
  • Much easier for smoothing rounded areas
  • Diamond Grit "Sandpaper" can be used wet or dry
  • Extremely flexible for getting in tight areas 
  • Doesn't disintegrate in water like sandpaper
  • Much faster than sandpaper
  • Much longer-lasting than sandpaper
  • Requires fewer strokes and less force than sandpaper

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Michelle H.
    So good I bought another one for my friend

    I love this product! I use it to sand my foot rings and smooth off rough bits if I’m using a gritty clay. Loved it so much I bought one for a friend who also loves it.


    It’s a fabulous innovation, I only wish it was larger (or less expensive).


    Wish it was larger. But it works perfect, truly.

    P K.

    I love how the sandpaper’s flexibility allows me to get into crevices and files work to smoothness..
    I inadvertantly threw out my first one and suggest adding some bright color to the sandpaper to make it easy to find and see. Otherwise a great product.

    Aliveguy P.-.S.

    Diamond sandpaper has proven to be an outstanding asset in my pottery finishing process. Its high quality and versatility stand out, allowing me to achieve precision and smooth bottoms on my pots. The durability of this sandpaper ensures it remains a reliable companion throughout various projects. A must-have for any pottery enthusiast seeking top-notch results.