Pottery Tools You Need to Upgrade Your Studio

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DiamondCore® Tools brings more than 25 years of experience to its line of products! With the mission to change the world of ceramics since 1996, we’ve created and manufactured innovative, high-quality, hand-crafted pottery tools that are essential for your craft. If you’re looking to start your pottery tools collection this year — or are wanting to add to it — we’ve created a list of our most popular tools and their benefits to help you upgrade your studio!

Clay Extruders

R4 Concave Handheld Clay Extruder

R4 Concave Handheld Clay Extruder

This clay extruder has an angled, stainless-steel blade that leaves clean edges and pulls through clay smoothly. The shape helps to create a handle shape that is concave in the middle, helping you to quickly slice clay, cut it to length and attach it! Our R4 Concave Handheld Clay Extruder was made for hand-builders and useful for throwers as well. With a blade that’s built to last, you’ll love this addition to your pottery tools collection!

“This extruder really delivers. I have tried other handle making tools. The results were inconsistent and disappointing. The R4 tool cuts a perfect handle every time. The best part is the ability to set the depth. That’s always been a major issue with other handle making tools. The blade is very sharp and it cuts the clay like butter. There’s no drag like with other tools. The best investment I’ve made in a long time.”

Signature Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set

Signature Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set

If you’re looking to add to your pottery tools collection or to start a collection of your own, we think you would love our Signature Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set! This set features our most popular clay extruders to help you to create clean and beautiful feet and handles for your ceramic pieces. This set includes the R1 Trapezoid, R2 Triangle and R3 U Shape handheld clay extruders.

“If you hate handle pulling (guilty) these are for you! I love how many profiles and shapes are available, really something for everyone. Love the feature that you can adjust thickness, I prefer a slender handle and this can execute it dandy!”

Pottery Carving Tools

P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool

P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool

This carving tool is a must-have for ceramic artists! With its pencil-point precision, you can quickly carve deep or shallow lines into your clay with little effort. With DiamondCore’s advanced blade technology, your blade will never dull and will help you to create crisp, clean lines every time!

“This tool is amazing. It carves super clean lines, and it does not snag as you move it through the clay. You can truly create some beautiful designs!”


3-Piece Fine Point Set (PF1, PF3, PF5)

3-Piece Fine Point Set (PF1, PF3, PF5; $114 when purchased separately)

If you’re looking to craft fine and intricate ceramic pieces this year, this is the pottery tools set for you! These fine-point tools are superior to other traditional wire tools in the way that they allow you to get cleaner lines, crisp edges and less drag while you work. These tools have blades that are sharp on both sides, allowing both right- and left-handed artists to use our tools to their fullest ability!

“VERY pleased with this set of 3 pottery carving tools. The cushioned grip is very comfortable to hold, the wood handle is attractive, and the tips cut through the clay with ease. I have been used to using one type of thin wire stylus, and having them wear out after a few months of use, but the tips on these DiamondCore tools are much sturdier and well-made. I expect to expand my pottery carving abilities in the future, thanks to these professional tools!”
— Iris

Trimming Tools

T8 Wedge Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle

T8 Wedge Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle

This pottery trimming tool is perfect for projects where you need a smooth and flat trim from curves to corner cuts. The wood handle also doubles as a sculpting tool! While you’re working on your clay pieces, you’ll be able to use the T8 tool to shave off thin rounded ribbons along with carving, shaving, sculpting and scrapping.

“This is my favorite trimming tool shape if I had to pick one! I use the flathead tool all the time to flatten out the bottom of my pieces when I begin trimming. I also use this tool trimming down the sides of pieces. It's a wonderful tool & is nice & sharp. It also has a useful flat/wedge end & the wood feels nice in your hand.”

T1 Half Dome Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle

T1 Half Dome Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle

The T1 Half Dome Pottery Trimming Tool with Paddle Handle would be the next great addition to your pottery tool collection! It features a blade with a round side and straight corner to transition easily from curved round to corner cut carving. Our blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening, allowing you to keep creating for longer!

“Never had a more smooth or pleasurable trimming experience. Even in material that is too dry, these trimmers cut through clay like a knife in butter. I can highly recommend!”

Diamond Sanding

Semi-Flex Diamond Pad

Semi-Flex Diamond Sanding Pad

These diamond grit pads are 1.75” x 2.75” and can easily smooth off high-fired clay, glaze and bisqueware. It can also work on tile, stone or glass! With fewer strokes and less force required than traditional sandpaper, you’ll have far less fatigue and will have a tool that lasts longer.

“These are truly a pleasure to use, comfortable to hold, and total power houses. Looking back, idk how I had the patience or energy using normal basic sandpaper haha! Converted for life, never going back, AND cuts down on waste? Win win win.”

Flexible Diamond Pads, Rounded Corners

Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads, Rounded Corners

Our flexible foam-backed pads with diamond grit are 2.5” x 2.5”. They are available in different grits, allowing you to rough, heavy clay or glaze and to polish your pieces. Fewer strokes and less force are required for you to accomplish your projects!

“These flexible diamond pads do an amazing job at smoothing off the bases of pots which I thought were already smooth enough. I went up to 400 grit. They feel like they'll last forever too! Very impressed.”

Diamond Grinding

8" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat

8" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat

Our Diamond Grinding Disc features a 7000 hardness rating making it a higher hardness rating than silicon carbide abrasives rated at 2400 hardness. Depending on what you’re typically working on — heavy glaze or high-fired clay removal (60 grit), pot leveling (120 grit) or smoothing (240 grit) — we have the grinding disc you’re looking for! With all of our Diamond Grinding Discs, you’ll want to make sure that you’re adding water and letting the diamonds do the work.

“Easy to mount on the wheel with bat-pins, either 9” or 10” pin spacing, and switching bats to change grit is simple. At fastest wheel speed, and a copious amount of water to eliminate clogging of the diamond grits, these grinder bats truly do a wonderful job of flattening a bottom, rounding bottom edges, or cutting away glaze drips. Cleanup is easy with water and a stiff bristle brush. I am so impressed with their function !!! Thank you Diamond Core for having these 👍

12" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat

12" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat

Help us help you this year with a Diamond Grinding Disc that lasts longer and provides better results than silicon carbon abrasives! Like the 8” Diamond Grinding Disc on 12” Bat, this tool is available in three grits(60, 120, 240) depending on your application. It is faster than silicon carbide or sandpaper and gives you overall better results!

“Wow. So I was slightly concerned how my earthenware wild clay would handle being ground with this, you know- all the bad scenarios ran through my head- but there was a wobble that needed fixing! 60 grit performed INCREDIBLY! It took all of 2 minutes no lie. I sat dumbfounded thinking of all the time I’ve wasted in the past…. NO MORE!”

DiamondCore® Tools The CINK mobile clay water recycling system

To truly upgrade your art studio, you need to invest in The CINK this year! The CINK is a stand-alone, mobile clay water recycling system that keeps clay out of drains in any studio, classroom or home. Make cleanup a breeze while protecting your plumbing, conserving water and reducing your clay waste all with one incredible investment!

NEW!! Diamond Pottery Tool Sets

R Series Diamond Set

R Series Diamond Set of handheld clay extruder tools

Why not get this year really rolling by adding our entire series of handheld clay extruders to your pottery tools collection! This set includes all 18 tools from our R tool collection, allowing you to create feet for slab-built platters, dishes and plates or handles for mugs, pitchers and more. Owning this collection will allow you to create any style you’re interested in!

P Series Diamond Set

P Series Diamond Set includes our full line of pottery carving tools

With our P Series Diamond Set, you’ll have every carving tool in our collection at your fingertips, including our fine points and palm carvers. You can create crisp lines with our sharp tips and deep grooves with our strong and wider blades. Plus, each Diamond Set comes with FREE tool engraving, letting you customize the set for your business or yourself. Your tools will look and feel professional as you’re ready to take on 2022.

If you have any questions when it comes to choosing the right pottery tools for your project, we’re here to help! Leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Cathie

    Tried the avocado trim tool. It was cool but I found the T8- wedge tip and and T1 half dome tip to be better suited for me. Nice that I was able to just the same handle to try out different trim tools. Oops hope that wasnt a secret.

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