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Holiday Gift Ideas - DiamondCore Tools

Ceramic Gift Items That Make The Best Holiday Gift for Potters

Looking for the perfect ceramic gift item for the potter or ceramic artist on your holiday list? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a ceramic artist yourself or you don’t know the first thing about pottery, we’re here to help you find just the right present! We’ve put together a few gift ideas for ceramic artists, highlighting some of our most popular and handy tool kits that are perfect for the holiday season! Let’s get started...

Explorer Pottery Tool Set - $149.00

If your loved one recently got into ceramics and could benefit from some basic tools, a starter tool set is the perfect gift! Our Explorer Pottery Carver Set was designed with amateur potters and beginners in mind — with all the tools they need to really get started. However, since these are tools that every potter can use, it’s a great for long-time artists too! This limited-time bundle features some of the best ceramic tools for beginners, including: 

  • T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle
  • P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool
  • Sticky Pad 
  • Trimming Spinner
  • Semi-Flexible Diamond Pad
  • Shrink Ruler (Double Sided)

Essential Ceramic Carving Tools Set - $199.00

Our six-piece Essential Ceramic Carving Tool Set is another great must-have gift for pottery artists on your holiday shopping list. This set features some of our most popular and versatile ceramic carving tools that they are going to love, including:

  • P7 6mm Square Tip 
  • P8U 5mm U Tip Palm Carver
  • P9 3mm Slim Reach U Tip 
  • P10 12mm U Tip
  • P11 12mm V Tip
  • P12 straight V Tip

It’s perfect for any potter who wants to expand their tool arsenal and try out a variety of different U and V-tip carvers! 

6-Piece Essential Ceramic Carving Tools Set from DiamondCore Tools

Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set - $139.00

What do you get the pottery maker who seemingly has everything? How about some truly unique tools!? We’ve bundled some of our most sought-after and fun tools together in our four-piece Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set. We can almost guarantee your loved one doesn’t have anything like these special tools already. This limited-time bundle includes:

  • P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool
  • P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver
  • K2 Curved U Tip 6-mm Carver
  • L3 Diamond Stylus Tool 

4-Piece Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set from DiamondCore Tools

Trimming Tool Kit - $159.00

Ceramic trimming tools are a must for removing excess clay from the bottom of pots and other ceramic creations. That makes them an incredibly useful and popular gift for pottery-makers. DiamondCore has put together two specialized Trimming Tool Kits that feature not only our long-lasting and durable trimming tools but also some complementary accessories — including our beloved Sticky Bats and Trimming Spinners! 

Our Trimming Tool Kit #1 includes:

  • A T2 Arc Trimming Tool with Cone-Shaped Stylus
  • A T3 Slanted Square Trimming Tool with Square-Tipped Handle
  • A 14-inch (355-millimeter) Pottery Sticky Bat
  • Trimming Spinner 

Our Trimming Tool Kit #2 includes:

  • A T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool with Paddle Handle
  • A T4 U-Tip Trimming Tool with Rounded Edge Handle
  • A 14 inch(355mm) Sticky Bat
  • A Trimming Spinner

The tools are sure to get tons of use and plenty of love from the artist on your holiday list. You really can’t go wrong with either kit!

Trimming Tool Kit #1 (T2, T3, S3, S4)

THE CINK - $2,295.00

Clean-up is one of the biggest challenges any ceramic artist has to contend with. If you really want to blow the mind of your loved one who’s serious about ceramic arts, then you need to check out THE CINK — our revolutionary clay and water filtering recycling system, makes clean-up a breeze. No clogged pipes, no wasted clay, and no mess from dirty tools and sponges. Not to mention, it’s portable and does not require a water/plumbing hook-up, which means it works in pretty much any home, studio, or classroom set up. 

With THE CINK, your loved one can spend more time creating and less time cleaning. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving year after year! 

THE CINK clay and water filtration system from DiamondCore Tools

A DiamondCore Tools Gift Card

We’ve shared great gifts for pottery artists above, but finding the perfect gift isn’t always that easy!   If you’re still not sure what tools your friend or family member might want, have no fear — DiamondCore Tools gift cards are the perfect solution! 

Our gift cards are digital and come via email, so they’re easy to send to anyone on your list, near or far. However, you can also easily print them out and slip them into a stocking or holiday card. Plus, they match any price point, you can select a value from $10-$1,000! 

Let Us Help You Shop!

While our tool kits are great, this is only the beginning. Browse our website to see all of our individual Carvers, Trimming Tools, Stylus Tools, Sanding Pads, and more — all at different price points to meet your needs! 

If you have questions about our tools or need some additional gift inspiration, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. Our team is standing by to offer helpful holiday suggestions and advice! 

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