9 Pottery Tool Kits Every Ceramic Artist Needs

There are so many different pottery tools to choose from. It can be difficult to narrow down which tools are right for you or worth investing in. 

At DiamondCore® Tools, we make getting the best quality tools easy with our best-selling pottery tool bundles and sets. Each set includes specially-selected ceramic tools that can help you achieve all of your pottery goals — and you’ll save money by buying sets that are bundled together! 

1. 3-Piece Fluting Tools Set 3

3-Piece Fluting Tools Set 3

Our three-piece fluting tool kit is a must-have set for artists looking to create straight and curved lines. 

The lines you’ll create with the stainless steel blades of our DiamondCore® fluting tools will be smooth and crisp, offering precision and professionalism with every pull. 

This tool kit includes: 

2. 4-Piece Relief-Carving Tools Set 1

4-Piece Relief-Carving Tools Set 1

If you want to add depth to your ceramic designs, the four-piece relief-carving tool bundle is the perfect choice for you! 

Each blade has a unique shape that removes more clay with one pull, allowing you to create deeper grooves to make designs pop. 

This tool kit includes four of our professional-quality pottery carving tools: 

    3. 3-Piece Starter’s Carving Set

    3-Piece Starter’s Carving Set

    If you’re interested in carving and want a set to get started, our three-piece Starter’s Carving Set is the perfect option for you. 

    Each carving tool in this set features our DiamondCore® Tools stainless steel blade that resists dulling and easily pulls through clay. Plus the pencil-like handle and comfortable foam grip make ceramic work a breeze.

    With three kinds of blade tips — V-shaped, U-shaped and square-shaped — you’ll be able to add a variety of designs to your pottery.  

    This set includes: 

    4. 3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1 

    3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1

    Our DiamondCore® Tools three-piece finger brush set allows you to easily brush away debris with the flick of your finger. Just attach the hook-and-loop strap to your hand or whatever pottery tool you’re using to save time and frustration.

    This set includes a rough, medium and fine brush for removing debris while trimming, carving or creating sgraffito projects. No matter what stage you’re at in the pottery-making process, you’ll have a brush to help you accomplish your goals with ease.

    5. Metal Rib Set 

    Metal Rib Set

    Each metal rib included in our metal rib bundle can help you smooth, round and score any clay piece you’re working on. Plus their unique cutouts offer handy stencils for dividing and decorating your pottery.

    Our team designed each metal rib to efficiently aid you throughout the entire creative process, from forming to finalizing your clay projects. 

    Included in this kit: 

    6. 6-Piece PTR Set 1

    6-Piece PTR Set 1

    If you’re looking for a pottery tool kit that has a bit of everything, look no further. Our six-piece PTR bundle includes: 

    This set can help you to trim and carve your clay, extrude identical clay feet and handles, create a symmetrical overall piece and smooth your ceramic after firing.

    7. Flexible Diamond Sanding Strips (Set 1)

    Flexible Diamond Sanding Strips (Set 1)

    Our flexible Diamond sanding strips will quickly become one of your favorite additions to your pottery tool collection. 

    Each flexible sanding strip in this bundle comes in a different grit that is superior to sandpaper, with its durability and flexibility suited for all pottery projects. Our sanding strips require less force than sandpaper, which means you’ll avoid hand fatigue and complete projects faster. 

    This kit includes the following grit options: 

    • 60 (green)
    • 120 (brown)
    • 200 (red)
    • 400 (yellow)
    • 800 (white)

    8. 3-Piece Palm Carving Tool Set 

    3-Piece Palm Carving Tool Set

    If you’re interested in smaller, more controlled detailing, our three-piece palm carving tool set is a must-have in your pottery tool kit. 

    The blades on each of the included tools resist dulling, providing you crisp, clean lines each time. The small size of these tools also offers more maneuverability for tight corners and small grooves. 

    This bundle includes: 

    9. 4-Piece Trimming Tool Set 3

    4-Piece Trimming Tool Set 3

    This four-piece trimming tool set can help you accomplish all your trimming needs in one bundle. 

    Trim small features, the foot of a pot, round the bottom of a pot, or help your piece to have extra stability as you work with the included sticky bat. 

    This pottery tool kit includes: 

    This is only the beginning! We have a variety of pottery tool kits and bundles to help you take on any project.

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