Blade Selectors

Not sure what type of carving tool or handheld clay extruder is right for you? Our blade selector charts show the types of grooves or extrusions you can expect to make.

Clay Carving Tool Blade Selector

Searching for the right clay sculpting  tools for your next project? We're here to help! Use the chart below to better understand the shapes and sizes of blades we offer.

  • Carving and sculpting tools with CURVED blades will create deep grooves.
  • Carving and sculpting tools with STRAIGHT blades will create a more shallow carving effect and can be used for sgraffito.
  • FINE POINT blades are much narrower and more maneuverable carving tools for fine detail work.
  • FLUTING TOOLS are ideal for sculpting shallow grooves with burnished edges.

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Carving Tool Blade Selector

Handheld Clay Extruders

Whether you’re working on an extra-small, medium or extra-large vessel, our Handheld Clay Extruders are just right for any pottery piece. DiamondCore Tools’ extruders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you easily create consistent handles and feet for your ceramic work. Use the chart below to better understand the shapes and sizes of extruders we offer.

  • Our original R Series of Handheld Clay Extruders features 18 blade shapes for maximum design choices. Whether you prefer classic curves or intricate ridges, you’ll find an extruder to suit your style.
  • Extra-small R100 Series extruders will create delicate handles and feet, ideal for smaller teapots, teacups, creamer sets, etc.
  • Extra-large R200 Series extruders are great for making handles for pitchers, platters, bigger mugs and more.
  • All R tools come with an adjustable-depth ski. Use the tool’s thumb screw to adjust the ski for the depth of extrusion you want.

We’ve even included an image of a fired and glazed extrusion on each product page to give you even more of an idea of what to expect. Shop all DiamondCore® Handheld Clay Extruders now!

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Handheld Clay Extruder Shape Chart