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L3 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - Small Football/Large Football


The L3 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool from DiamondCore® Tools features a small, 1.7 mm diameter diamond “football” tip on one end and a larger 2.5 mm diameter diamond “football” tip on the other. This tool is meant for fine Sgraffito detailing on dry clay.


  • Diamond Sgraffito tips on both ends
  • Leopardwood foam-grip pencil handles
  • Small diamond “football” tip on one end: 1.7 mm diameter
  • Large diamond “football” tip on the other end: 2.5 mm diameter
  • Wood grain may vary

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My favorite sgraffito tool

I love this stylus. It is easy to use, very easy to master, and built to last. When creating sgraffito, it is my go-to.

Athena M.L.
Bold and Beautiful!

If your looking for bold and beautiful sgraffito tool look no further! Also works really well in carving away larger spaces of underglaze from greenware. But what I have found really useful is that they still leave the edges crisp and clean. This is my must have tool for clearly defined lines and designs. And DiamondCore always provides beautiful lightweight tools with cushions for your fingers. This enables me to carve for hours on end without cramping my fingers.

Aba /.A.P.

I was a portrait artist before I started doing pottery. Now, a lot of my work features sgraffito and these tools feel natural to use like a pencil. They are strong and have nice grips which give them a high quality look & feel. I love how easily they carve through clay, especially when bone dry. This tool is on the medium side which allows for lines small enough for some detail, but big enough to make a contrasting impact.

Ashley H.
Works well in tandem with L1

This is perfect for larger lines, if you want a more dramatic bold sgraffito effect or deeper recesses! You can use pointy end for finer detail or side to clear more clay fast!