Professional Pottery Tools for Your Studio

Whether you sell your ceramic work or just create for fun, the tools you use are important. When you spend countless hours creating vases, mugs, platters and more in your pottery studio, you need tools to help you achieve a professionally finished piece.

At DiamondCore® Tools, all of our pottery tools are created with you, the artist, in mind. Our team develops each tool to benefit you with sharp blades, comfortable handles, excellent customer service and so much more.

Don’t spend money on tools that you’ll have to replace after a couple of years. Instead, invest in high-quality professional pottery tools that will last — and exceed your expectations.

Whether you consider yourself a “professional” or not, we’ll dive into the must-have pottery tools for your studio to create professional ceramic work each time!

Classic Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set

If you’re tired of hand-pulling your handles and feet or are fed up with your wall-mounted extruder, our Classic Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set is a must-have in your collection!

With each pull through the clay, our handheld clay extruders create clean and beautiful handles and feet for your pottery projects. Our stainless steel blades resist dulling to provide you with crisp lines that cut through clay slabs like butter.

The adjustable-depth ski built onto each extruder allows you to adjust the thickness of your extrusion. With all these features, this tool will help create consistent shapes again and again.

3-Piece Sgraffito Stylus Set

If sgraffito is your preferred style of pottery, our three-piece Sgraffito Stylus Set is what you’ve been looking for!

Scratch fine, intricate lines into the slip or glaze on your pottery piece with ease. Each tool in this set features double-sided diamond-grit tips that allow you to create even the smallest details.

If you spend hours in the studio, the pencil-like handles and foam grips on each of these tools reduce hand fatigue and allow you to craft each piece with precision.

3-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad Set

Our three-piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad Set is designed with durable diamond grit and a ½-inch foam backing to sand and polish your ceramic work to perfection.

Sharp, crusty glaze drips or chipped edges make ceramic pieces look unprofessional. Use our diamond sanding pads with water to outlast sandpaper and smooth the bottoms and rims of your pottery.

5-Piece Trimming Tools Set 1

Perfectly trim your pottery piece with our five-piece Trimming Tools Set 1.

Whether creating a large vase or a small mug, ribbons of clay will fall off your project as you trim on your pottery wheel. Our trimming tools allow a smooth transition from foot to the pot, offering you precision as you work.

Our customers love how they can easily remove excess clay from their project without resistance and that they can use the other end of the wood handle for additional shaping options.

Our trimming tools also work for right- or left-handed artists since the stainless steel blade is sharp on both sides.

Pottery Trimming Spinner Set

Our Pottery Trimming Spinner Set is a must-have in your collection. Provide added stability while trimming and create symmetrical pieces with convenient division hash marks!

The colored lines on the spinner allow you to mark equidistant divisions on a piece, making it easier for you to accomplish your pottery-making goals. And the rubber backing prevents the spinner from slipping as you work.

Wood Rib Set 1

Our team recently created our wood rib set to assist amateur and professional artists in forming, smoothing and rounding clay.

To get the most out of our wood rib series, try our Wood Rib Set 1. This set includes all three options in our wood rib series — so you can work on pottery projects of all sizes.

You’ll be amazed how easily you can form your clay to your preferred shape and size!

The CINK Mobile Clay Water Recycling System

Clay-clogged drains can cause costly repairs and replacements that you don’t have time for as you work on your ceramic projects or customer orders. You’ll need The CINK to prevent clay-clogged drains.

The CINK can circulate water and collect clay without mess or stress! The four-stage filtration system can filter clay down to 1 micron, allowing you to rinse your pottery tools without worrying about clogging your drain.

It’s also easy to move and doesn’t require a water hookup, so it works in basically any professional pottery studio. See how The CINK can take your pottery studio to the next level!

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If you have any questions about ceramic pottery tools, we’re here to help! Leave a comment or get in touch with our team on social media. We’re on Facebook and Instagram and can’t wait to help!

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