3-Piece Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set

3-Piece Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set
60 Grit Semi-Flex Diamond Pad
60 Grit Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad
120 Grit Semi-Flex Diamond Pad
120 Grit Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad
240 Grit Semi-Flex Diamond Pad
240 Grit Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad

3-Piece Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set

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This set features all 3 Semi Flexible Diamond Grit Pottery Sanding Pads (1.75″ x 2.75″). These semi-flexible foam-backed pottery sanding pads with diamond grit are 1/2" foam-backing "workhorse" pads.


This 3-piece set is made in the USA and includes: 

  • 60 grit (coarse) sanding pad for rough, heavy clay or glaze
  • 120 grit (medium) sanding pad for general purpose
  • 240 grit (fine) sanding pad for smoothing 


  • Smooth off high-fired clay, glaze, and bisqueware
  • Also works on tile, stone, or glass
  • Remove sharp chipped edges
  • Smooths the foot, sides, or rim of a ceramic piece


  • Very economical and long service life
  • Can be used wet or dry (doesn't deteriorate in water)
  • Outlasts sandpaper
  • Far less fatigue than sandpaper
  • Much easier and faster than other types of abrasives 
  • Smooths foot to prevent scratching a table 
  • Prevents foot from snagging a tablecloth


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    These. Are. A. Game. Changer!! How did I live without these? The 3 3 different grits work perfectly to get the bottoms of my pieces sooo soft! Absolutely recommend!

    Lisa S.

    I bought these on suggestion from an online forum to smooth the bottoms of my pots. They are well worth the money, easy, and quick! Game changer.

    Kimberly C.
    I freakin’ love these!!

    Wow! What a difference these make on the bottoms of my mugs! Just stepped up my game and moved my pottery to the next level with these pads! You can’t go wrong! Perfect size for your hands. Highly recommended!