DiamondCore® Tools: Unique Pottery Sculpting Tools

Top 11 Unique Pottery Sculpting Tools

DiamondCore® Tool’s pottery sculpting tools can help you to create unique lines and designs in your pottery that you haven’t been able to before! Other artists will be jealous of your work, wondering how you were able to create such intricate details on your ceramic projects with ease. Let’s dive into the top 11 unique pottery sculpting tools that you need to add to your collection!

1. K1 Curved V Tip Clay Carver

To kick off our favorite pottery sculpting tools list, we have our K1 Clay Carver! With its comfortable, handmade handle, this carving tool is perfect for artists that make repetitive strokes on their clay. Its V-tipped blade can create straight or arched lines, making it a valuable addition to your pottery tool collection! 


2. FP2 Fine Point Arrow Carving Tool

The arrow-shaped blade of this tool allows artists to carve in multiple directions within tight spaces. Carve bone dry or leather-hard clay with ease, as our always-sharp blades are built to last with proper care. You’re going to love using this unique tool for sgraffito, Mishima, sculpting, scrapping and so much more!

“I love this tool! I used to do all of my carving with the P11 V Tip (which I still really like), but this one makes carving curved, organic lines so much easier! The P11 is better for geometric shapes and straight lines. I mostly carve flowers, leaves, and other curved shapes and this is perfect for my process. I can’t wait to get more of these fine pointed carving tools! I also think it’s much easier to use with the large egg shaped grip. So many new possibilities!” - Emily


3. Arc Carving Metal Rib

Getting a single and perfect line can be difficult while carving clay, that’s why we’ve created our Metal Rib series to help artists get controlled lines each time. The Arc Carving Metal Rib allows artists to easily carve arcs and circles over and over. You’ll love this addition to your pottery tools collection and will wonder how you ever made arcs before! 


4. T2 Arc Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Cone Shaped Stylus

If you want a pottery sculpting tool that can practically do it all, you’ve found it in the T2 Trimming Tool! The unique blade helps you to trim your piece without flipping it. With our sharp blades, ribbons of clay will fall from your work, and you’ll instantly see why DiamondCore® Tools are the best!

“I’ve used countless trimming tools and never found one I liked, let alone loved. Constantly replacing dull tools and losing pots to poorly made ones was extremely frustrating. I got this trimming tool after it launched almost 2 years ago, and I LOVE it! For the first time in my life I don’t hate trimming. The blade lasted over a year, and was super easy to change. The arc shape is perfect for trimming smooth edges and foot rings. I cannot recommend this tool enough!” - Emily


5. Pottery Trimming Spinners

Our Pottery Trimming Spinners are a must-have addition to any ceramic artist’s collection! The foam rubber backing will help to keep the spinner on the piece that you’re trimming, allowing you to easily perfect your work. Each color line on the spinner also helps with creating division hash marks to make your pottery even. 

“Awesome to avoid your fingers catching on clay while trimming, I actually find it helps me center the clay faster, and super convenient measurement markers for lining up handle placements, decoration, etc!” - Ashley


6. L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - 0.7 mm Ball / 2 mm Crown

The L2 Stylus Tool features a “crown” tip on one end of the tool and a 0.7 mm ball tip on the other. This tool is excellent for sgraffito pottery projects that you have in the works and can even carve on dry clay! You’ll want this tool in your collection!

“If I could only have one carving sgraffito tool this would be the one! The carving tip is absolutely the perfect size for outlines and thin designs. Also great for signatures and writing. The crown tip is perfect for cleaning up greenware and bisque. This is always my first choice when I'm doing fine carvings on greenware. It feels like DiamondCore made this tool special for me, it's just the best! And of course it is light weight with soft cushions for my fingers. So even if I am carving for 8 hours my hands are not weighed down from a bulky tool.” - Athena

L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - 0.7 mm Ball / 2 mm Crown

7. FP9 Fine Point Micro Half Dome Carving Tool

The FP9 Carving Tool can easily cut round to corner-cut lines with its unique blade shape. You’ll love how comfortable the handmade handle is as you create your work and put hours into a piece of pottery. Within minutes of using this tool, you’ll see why it made our favorite pottery sculpting tools list! 


8. R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder 

Our R12 handle was designed for creating clean and unique handles for your ceramic pieces. The larger hump and the two smaller humps on each side are great for making pottery feet and handles for mugs, vases and more. You’ll love how this clay extruder will allow you to create unique additions with ease!

“So happy with my first order from Diamond Core tools. Order process smooth with timely delivery. It works like a charm. Lots of handles in minimal time - now everything needs a handle! Traditional, strap handle, etc. lol Gives your handles a great professional appearance. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!” - Adruenne


9. Diamond Files

Our Diamond Files come in different grit pairings to help you finish your pottery, turning it into a professional ceramic piece. Use the file to remove imperfections on bisque or high-fired clay. Made with diamonds, it can be used wet or dry and will easily perfect your projects. We’re sure you’ll add these files to your own personal favorite pottery sculpting tools list!

Diamond Files

10. Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set

If your ceramic projects have tight spaces that need to be smoothed, our Flexible Diamond Sanding Strips are exactly what you need to remove those imperfections! They work on ceramic, tile, stone or glass projects and are a DiamondCore® favorite for a reason. See it in action!


11. The CINK

The CINK Mobile Clay Water Recycling System is a game-changer and one of our favorite tools here at DiamondCore! Its unique design helps to prevent clogged drains and allows you to not waste clay by collecting it as you rinse. You can now rinse tools, sponges, splash pans, buckets and more without worrying about clogging another drain! This is a must-have in your pottery studio!

“If like many potters you are mindful of your carbon footprint, this is your best foot forward. I love my Cink. I live in Cali and being in a constant state of drought being able to reuse water so easily is really great. I also did not have a sink deep enough and equipped with a shower head so in terms of cleanup and work surface it is very practical. I love the team at DiamondCore, great customer experience.” - Ariane


If you have any questions when it comes to choosing the right pottery tools for your project, we’re here to help! We’d also love to hear which DiamondCore® Tools make your favorite pottery sculpting tools list. Leave a comment on this blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram!

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