Portable clay and water filtering recycling system - THE CINK
The CINK portable clay rinsing station

THE CINK - Portable Clay & Water Filtering Recycling System

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    Portable rinsing station for clay capture & recycling
    Recirculates water and collects all the clay
    4 stage clay filtration down to one micron
    Self-contained & not connected to water or plumbing 
    • Rinsing tools, sponges, splash pans, buckets, slip etc.
    • Benefits studios or facilities without water or plumbing
    • For quick classroom cleanup
    • Capture and reuse/recycling of clay
    • Prevents clay-clogged pipes  
    • Saves/conserves water usage
    • Reusable string filter and bag filter
    • Automatic on/off pump with variable flow control
    • Captured clay can be reused/recycled
    • Preassembled:  unpack, check connections & add water

    • Use all appropriate safety precautions
    • DO NOT DRINK!!!  Not for potable water!
    • Not intended for glaze capture or reuse
    • Do not recycle clay if sharp fired shards are introduced
    • Mixed clay types are not compatible for reuse 
    • Keep proper water condition with additives
    • Keep out of the reach of children

Specifications: operates on normal 110-115 volt AC electrical outlet.  


Height from THE CINK rim to the floor: 41.5″ 

Height from the top of the backsplash to the floor: 49.5″

Length of backsplash: 39"

Front to back: 24″

The sink basin: 11″ deep and is 17.5″ x 18″ (304 Restaurant Stainless Steel)

Total unit weight: 120 lbs empty. 

Delivery info: shipping weight is 170 lbs and comes on a standard 40"x48" pallet. Lead times vary depending on location.  Continental US only.

Made in the USA