Ceramic Gifts Ideas & Inspiration For Everyone

Want to create ceramic gifts this year? As artists and creatives, we think one of the best ways to give from the heart is to create unique, beautiful handmade pottery gifts. In that spirit, we’ve put together some ceramic gift ideas with some inspiration from Instagram to help spur your creativity! Keep reading to create the perfect gifts for everyone in your life!

Inspiration For Your Ceramic Gifts

1. Trinket Dishes

Trinket dishes make fun ceramic gifts for almost anybody. They’re a handy place to set rings, keys, watches, coins, and other odds and ends, making them not only thoughtful but incredibly useful to have around. 

Think about the people on your gift list and what they may want to store. A coin dish for your grandparents, a ring dish for a bride, or a set of desk dishes for anyone who works from home!

Trinket dishes can be made in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, so you can have some fun with clay and let your creativity shine!

2. Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Help anyone start their day on the right foot with a homemade ceramic mug! This is a perfect ceramic gift idea for coffee lovers, tea lovers, and even hot cocoa lovers.

Consider personalizing your mug with the recipient’s name, a favorite quote, or even a his and her coffee mug set for a cute couple's gift!

Check out this ceramic coffee mug featuring a stunning mountain design Joanna Hennigan crafted using our P12 straight-blade Carver!

We can’t get over the colors and positive vibes with this mug by Jen Meyers of Perfect Mug Pottery. She used our L3 Diamond Stylus Tool to create those crisp, fine lines.

If you’re all about detail work, check out this stunning koi fish coffee mug by Five Lines Designs, again using our durable Diamond Stylus Tools for the beautiful Sgraffito detailing on these ceramic gifts.


3. Spoon Rests

Everyone is doing home cooking these days. If you have an aspiring chef on your list, then the perfect ceramic gift idea is something they can use in the kitchen! A spoon rest is a fun and handy kitchen tool they’ll appreciate.

To make it personal and unique, match the spoon rest to their kitchen color scheme, etch their favorite recipe, or make quick measurements on it, so it's always handy.

4. Flower Pots & Vases

If you’ve got someone with a green thumb on your list, a homemade ceramic or porcelain flower pot or vase is the perfect ceramic gift idea. Pair it with their favorite flowers, a succulent, or some seeds to plant! 

When it comes to flower pots and vases, you can get creative when making your ceramic gifts with glazes and intricate designs. We love this gorgeous blue color and unique pattern Ashley Sandstorm made with our P1 curved blade carver.  

5. Ceramic Piggy Banks 

A ceramic piggy bank is a great gift idea for anyone, but especially kids! Not only is it a thoughtful, handmade gift that they can keep forever, but it’s also a great way to teach them about finances and savings.  

One of the best things about clay piggy banks is that while the basic concept stays the same, they can be easily customized for each recipient. We’ve seen everything from pigs to dragons, elephants, and dogs. You can also think beyond animals for your designs. For example, turning your piggy bank into a soccer ball, basketball, or baseball for an aspiring athlete on your list is easy.

6. Ceramic Lamps & Luminaires

Homemade ceramic lamps are not something people usually think of for gifts, but they can brighten up a room — literally and figuratively! 

We love this beautiful luminary from Adeline J. Engelstad of AJE Ceramics, carved using our never-dull P11 Curved Wide V Tip Carving Tool!

These colorful and fun porcelain lamps from Nandi Ceramics were also created using our ceramic carving tools, creating those gorgeous crisp lines.

7. Bookends

If you have a bibliophile on your shopping list, homemade bookends are a special, unique ceramic gift idea. They’ll be sure to think of you and appreciate the gift every time they grab a book off the shelf.

The sky's the limit here. Consider using their favorite book, fictional character, or literary quote to inspire your design.

8. Ceramic Ornaments

Ceramic ornaments are the perfect gifts for your loved ones to enjoy year after year when they hang them on the tree. Ornaments noting a baby’s first Christmas, a couple’s first holiday together, or even just marking the year are all great keepsakes that can be passed down! 

We love this fantastic unicorn ornament by Lilli Lackey from Five Lines Designs, created using our Diamond Stylus Tools for the gorgeous Sgraffito detailing.


Bring Your Ceramic Gift Ideas To Life

Hopefully by now, your creative juices are flowing! Now it's time to grab your pottery tools, some clay and start creating! From ceramic carving and trimming tools to sanding tools and grinding discs, our online store has the best pottery tools to bring your ceramic gift idea to life this year! 

You can even go through all those pottery pieces you’ve been holding on to that still need some work to get rid of drips or rough edges. Our robust and durable Diamond tools can remove all those drips, level a pot, smooth a rough surface, or drill a hole and — voila! Those almost-done pieces quickly become fully finished and beautiful gifts in no time!

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Also, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in all your ceramic gifts and creations. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!  

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