A Roundup of our Favorite Pottery How-To’s

Whether you’re a beginner pottery maker or you’re an expert in crafting ceramics, finding out how to use your tools more effectively is always necessary to improve your skills. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite pottery how-tos to help you to understand how your ceramics tools work and what the outcome should look like. 



If you are just starting with DiamondCore Tools, or are looking to expand your collection of our pottery tools, this video will help you to understand some of our trimming tools a bit better! From how they work to an artist’s first impression of using them, check out this video from Jessica Putnam-Phillips, soon!


T5 Torch Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Talon Handle

T6 Spade Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Boat Handle

T7 Avocado Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Flat Round Handle

T8 Wedge Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle

This video by Lolita Olympia shows you how to create a simple ceramic plate from beginning to end. She also uses very minimal steps, making it easier for you if you are just starting out in your pottery journey.


P1 Curved V Tip Clay Carving Tool


We love this video by Jessica Putnam-Phillips, because she covers how to create a beautiful mug and the tools that she uses to do it. 


T2 Arc Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Cone Shaped Stylus


Articles for Beginners:

We love this article by Deneen Pottery that goes over pottery history, how to get started creating your own ceramic pieces, and inspiration for your creations. 

If you have been wondering about glazing your pieces, this article by Pottery Crafters is for you. They cover the tools and supplies that you’ll need to get started. 

Different types of clay can give you different outcomes, this article by The Ceramic Shop does a great job of explaining the difference!


Pottery Tool Recommendations


Jonthepotter goes over his favorite tools that he uses to create his ceramic pieces along with short how-to videos!


8" Diamond Pottery Grinding Disc

Pottery Trimming Spinner



Michelle Williams shows how easy it is to create a beautifully textured piece using a P11 Blade on one of our K Carving Tools.


P11 Curved Wide V Tip 12mm Clay Carver

This video from Matthew Kelly shows how he uses his new DiamondCore Tools to create different ceramic pieces. 


P8U U Tip 6mm Palm Pottery Carver

P1 Curved V Tip Clay Carving Tool



This short tutorial by @mollysanyourceramics is a great way for you to see how to carve a plate properly and evenly. She uses our T2 Trimming Tool to accomplish this. 


T2 Arc Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Cone Shaped Stylus

Pottery Inspiration 

This Pinterest page for pottery carving ideas is so beautiful! If you are needing inspiration, this is the place to look!

Little Street Pottery is sharing some great ideas for carving pottery to help inspire you! Ann uses some of our favorite DiamondCore Tools in this video demo, which is your favorite?


P6R Hook Tip Clay Carver (Right Handed)

P6L Hook Tip (Left Handed) Clay Carver

P4 Teardrop Pottery Fluting Tool

P1 Curved V Tip Clay Carving Tool

L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool

L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool

P24 Straight Square Tip Clay Sculpting Tool

Do you have your own ceramic ideas or DiamondCore Tools techniques that you love? Share them with us! Send us a link to check out your work in the comments below, or on Facebook or Instagram!

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