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Pottery Trimming Spinner Set

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Introducing our Pottery Trimming Spinner Set - three ingenious tools to stabilize and protect your delicate creations. The colored lines on the spinner serve as convenient division hash marks, perfectly complementing our sticky bats and pads. Experience effortless pottery with this versatile set!  


  • No moving parts
  • Foam rubber backing grips the spinner to a piece being trimmed on a wheel
  • Use one hand for trimming, then place a finger of your other hand in the spinner’s concave center, helping to stabilize the piece
  • String or fishing line looped through the center hole can extend to mark lines on a piece instead of using a laser
  • Trimming Spinner is 48 mm (~2”) in diameter with a 6 mm (1/4") hole in the center. Hashmarks provide seven options for equidistant divisions. 
  • Trimming Spinner XS is 31 mm (~1.25”) in diameter with a 6 mm (1/4") hole in the center. Hashmarks provide five options for equidistant division.
  • Trimming Spinner XL is 75 mm (~3”) in diameter with a 6 mm (1/4") hole in the center. Hashmarks provide guides every 10 degrees around, with 10 options for equidistant dividers.


  • Makes trimming quicker and easier
  • Colored division lines provide quick reference marking
  • Use in conjunction with our sticky bats and sticky pads


  • Provides a wider area to disperse downward pressure
  • Helps keep thin-walled pieces from collapsing
  • Allows trimming hand to be stabilized on the other hand
  • A rubber grip works better than a bottle cap or credit card 
  • Made in the USA


    • Keep gentle downward pressure while the piece is turning
    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children   







    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Great tool for many things

    These spinners are not just a trimming aide they also measure & help create a balance. No end to great possibilities