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R7 Single Groove Handheld Clay Extruder

1.0 oz

The R7 Single Groove Handheld Clay Extruder easily slices through a slab of clay so you can make a handle shape with a single cut. Ideal for hand-builders, the R7 Single Groove Handheld Clay Extruder is also loved by throwers and anyone looking to achieve a consistent shape and adjustable thickness in their handles or feet.


  • Slices through a slab to make a handle shape with a single line down the middle
  • Angled, stainless-steel blade leaves clean edges and pulls through clay effortlessly
  • 4 3/8" (11 cm)-long hardwood handle
  • Great for feet, handles and more 
  • Adjustable-depth ski controls thickness of the cut
  • Max approx. blade width 22 mm X height 13 mm
  • Min approx. blade width 20 mm X height 6 mm
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Make feet for slab-built pieces
  • Ideal for hand-builders and useful for throwers
  • Consistent shape and adjustable thickness
  • So easy to use; avoid all that pulling
  • Works on a variety of clay types
  • Always-sharp stainless-steel blade won’t rust or shatter 
  • A variety of basic and intricate shapes are available


  • S4: This Trimming Spinner stabilizes your piece and helps you make division hash marks


  • HCE DEC: Our Decorative Shapes extruder set, including the R7, R8 and R9
  • DRT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every R series handheld clay extruder


  • Not designed to be used with extremely wet or sticky clay
  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children