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Specialty Pottery Tools & Gift Cards

Our ceramic specialty items are a huge part of what makes DiamondCore® Tools stand out. These unique pottery gifts, including our cool swag, can't be found anywhere else! But that's not all - we also have a pottery bargain box, a diamond grinding disc deal, a unique clay shrink ruler, a pottery trimming spinner, and more. Don’t miss out on these unique pottery gifts because they’re customer favorites and won’t last long at this price point!
DiamondCore Tools Gift Card
Pottery Multi-Tool Set 1
Pottery Multi-Tool Set 2
Arc Shaver Release Bundle
Pottery Arc Shaver
Pottery Scoring Tool
Mini-Wrench Screwdriver
Multi-Tool/Folding Tool Replacement Blades
Pottery Tools Bargain Box
Sold Out
Bargain Box
$49.00 $125.00
Disc Deal - 3-Piece Assortment
Sold Out
3-Piece Finger Brush Set
Rough Pottery Finger Brush
DiamondCore Tools Metal Rib Set
Metal Rib Set
$19.00 $22.00
CINK Accessory Set 1
Microfiber Towels
Sponge for Pottery
Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish
Shrink Ruler
Metric Shrink Ruler
Pottery Trimming Spinner Set
Arc Carving Metal Rib for Pottery
Small Metal Rib for Pottery
Large Metal Rib for Pottery
Pottery Trimming Spinner
Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc
Foam Grips for Pottery Tools
Egg Shape XL Foam Grip for Pottery Tools
Tube for Carving Tool
14" Foam Circle for Ceramics
14" Foam Trim Bat
Speedball Plastic Bats
Black DiamondCore Logo T-Shirt
Gray DiamondCore Logo Cap