Pottery Sponge — Tough, Medium, Fine (Sold Individually)

Pottery Sponge — Tough, Medium, Fine (Sold Individually)

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The essential Pottery Sponge from DiamondCore Tools is an accessory no studio should be without. Available in three varieties of finishes — tough, medium, and fine — these sponges feel like a soft and comfortable extension of your hand.

  • Tough sponge (black) is best for shaping while wheel-throwing. Returns to form after compression and maintains firm support.
  • Medium sponge (purple) is a good compromise for both throwing and finishing. Squishes slightly after compression, conforms to shapes. Smooth finish.
  • Fine sponge (light blue) is best for final touch-ups or delicate pieces. Squishes most after compression, flexible, extremely smooth finish.


  • Rounded, equilateral triangle pottery sponges
  • Stiff when dry, will expand when wet
  • 10 cm width by 7.5 cm height (~3.9 by 3 inches) when expanded
  • Flexible, 15 mm thickness
  • Strong yet soft texture
  • DiamondCore logo relief design


  • Wetting, shaping, and smoothing clay
  • Cleaning excess slip from joined sections
  • Softening edges that have been cut, carved, or shaped
  • Removing water or debris from tools


  • Triangle size fits comfortably in right and left hands
  • Durable material retains its form when saturated and after repeated wringing
  • Synthetic composition resists odors and staining


    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children


    • SPG SET1: Save money and get all 3 varieties of sponge finishes
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Holds in water well, but was a little thick for my liking. Nevertheless I will still use it because of its absorb-ability. 

    Diamondcore reinvents the wheel— and it’s awesome!

    Sponges are ubiquitous in pottery…and, especially with throwing, how can they really improve it so much that it will be a game-changer?
    Well… they did. The tough sponge is a game-changer! I throw porcelain and it is a thirsty clay but equally collapses at the first hint at too much water. This sponge held on to just that right amount where it didn’t dry out and yet didn’t saturate my clay!! So worth it!!