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Tools for Glass

Glass artists know that having the right tools can make all the difference in creating beautiful works of art, whether a small bead or a giant sculpture. DiamondCore Tools offers a range of high-quality tools for grinding, sanding and buffing glass. We offer a wide selection of rotary tools in various shapes and sizes so you can find the best one for your needs. For sanding, we have both diamond pads and sandpaper in a variety of grits so that you can create a smooth, polished finish on your glass piece. Our high-quality glass tools make it easy to achieve professional results for your one-of-a-kind glass piece. 

5-Piece Diamond Sandpaper Set
DiamondCore Hole Drills
Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet 9 Piece Set
Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit
100 Grit Round End Taper Rotary Tools
100 Grit Sharp Flame Rotary Tool
100 Grit Tapered Inverted Cone Rotary Tool
100 Grit Drum Shape Rotary Tool
Bead Reamer Rotary Tool
 Diamond Polishing Paste Set
4-Piece Small Spiral Band Set
4-Piece Large Spiral Band Set
6-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set with Rounded Corners
6-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads Set with Square Corners
Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set
Small Spiral Sanding Band
Small Spiral Band Rubber Mandrel
Large Spiral Sanding Band
25mm Spiral Band Rubber Mandrel
Diamond File Set
Diamond File Set
$29.00 $32.00
Flexible Diamond Pad with Rounded Corners
Flexible Diamond Pad with Square Corners
Flexible Diamond Sanding Strips
60 & 120 Grit Diamond File
Diamond Sandpaper
400 Grit Diamond Polishing Paste