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DiamondCore Tools manufactures high-quality, handcrafted pottery tools that are vital to artists and creators. With our pottery tools, you'll get crisper lines, more intricate designs, less fatigue, and a better product overall! Explore our selection of carving and trimming tools, clay extruders, sanding pads, and other pottery tools!

Don't know what to buy? Check out these pottery blogs to find the perfect pottery tools for you!


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4-Piece Straight Blade Square Tip Set
P8S Square Tip Palm Carver
T102 Flat Top Extra-Small Trimming Tool
X6 12 mm VU Fluting Tool
X9 Double V Fluting Tool
Teacup Shapes XS Handheld Clay Extruder Set
R207 Koala XL Handheld Clay Extruder
P29 Round Slope Relief Carving Tool
T103 Round Extra-Small Trimming Tool
X8 Double U Fluting Tool
T304 Asymmetrical Triangle Feature Trimming Tool
T201 Half Dome Extra-Large Trimming Tool
7.5" Square Colored Sticky Bat
Sold Out
100 Grit Round End Taper Rotary Tools
R208 Triple Round XL Handheld Clay Extruder
T101 Arrow Extra-Small Trimming Tool
K4 XL Curved U Tip 6 mm Clay Carver
100 Grit Sharp Flame Rotary Tool
X7 6 mm Square Fluting Tool
R Series Diamond Set
R Series Diamond Set
$748.00 $1,099.00
Arc Shaver Release Bundle
R201 Sunrise XL Handheld Clay Extruder
R209 Double Round XL Handheld Clay Extruder
R101 Concave XS Handheld Clay Extruder
4-Piece Large Spiral Band Set
Pottery Multi-Tool Set 1
Wall Shapes XL Handheld Clay Extruder Set
R103 Double Round XS Handheld Clay Extruder
R102 Koala XS Handheld Clay Extruder
T Series Diamond Set 2
400 Grit Diamond Polishing Paste
R210 Square Trapezoid Wall XL Handheld Clay Extruder
Small Spiral Sanding Band
R211 Round Trapezoid Wall XL Handheld Clay Extruder
3 Pack of Extra Thumb Screws
600 Grit Ball End Rotary Tool
R205 Middle Ridge XL Handheld Clay Extruder
Pottery Multi-Tool Set 2
T Series Diamond Set 3
Large Spiral Sanding Band
R212 Tall Triangle Wall XL Handheld Clay Extruder
Pottery Scoring Tool
Small Spiral Band Rubber Mandrel
Mini-Wrench Screwdriver
Multi-Tool/Folding Tool Replacement Blades
Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit
100 Grit Drum Shape Rotary Tool
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