Our Top Tools for Glass Artists

Craftsmanship meets artistry with DiamondCore® Tools’ collection of glass tools. Through thoughtful design and exceptional performance that define every tool within our collection, our tools outlast the competition and redefine the possibilities in glasswork. 

1. 8-Piece Hook-and-Loop-Back Pads with Free Block

8-Piece Hook-and-Loop-Back Pads with Free Block

Our innovative Hook-and-Loop-Backed Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads measure 93 millimeters X 57 millimeters and offer exceptional flexibility for effortless sanding — helping you to remove sharp edges and quickly shave away shards. 

Designed for versatility, artists can conveniently use them on or off of the block for rigid or flexible sanding options. This flexibility allows you to cater to all your glass sanding projects with ease. Whether you're smoothing intricate curves or refining larger areas, these DiamondCore® sanding pads ensure precision and efficiency, making them a must-have tool for your glass-making needs.

  • 60 grit (coarse) sanding pad for rough glass (green)
  • 120 grit (medium) sanding pad for general purpose (black)
  • 200 grit (fine) sanding pad for smoothing (red)
  • 400 grit sanding pad for smoothing (yellow)
  • 800 grit sanding pad for smoothing (white)
  • 1500 grit sanding pad for polishing (blue)
  • 3000 grit sanding pad for polishing (orange)

2. Five-Piece Diamond Sandpaper Set

Five-Piece Diamond Sandpaper Set

Our five-piece Diamond Sandpaper Set allows you to have all the diamond sandpaper grits we offer bundled into one affordable package. Each set includes 2.5-inch x 4-inch pieces of diamond sanding paper in a range of grits — 120, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 — to help you unlock a realm of possibilities for your glass projects.

This diamond sandpaper set excels in smoothing intricate details and navigating tight corners that sanding pads can’t reach, making it ideal for glass art. Its exceptional flexibility ensures seamless sanding even in contoured areas, effortlessly eliminating sharp edges on your glass work. 

Unlike traditional sandpaper, our Diamond Sandpaper with rubber backing retains its integrity when exposed to water, offering superior durability and outlasting standard options. Experience a new level of efficiency as it accelerates your sanding process, requiring fewer strokes and less force than conventional sandpaper. 

3. DiamondCore Hole Drills 

DiamondCore Hole Drills

Experience the convenience and precision of DiamondCore® Hole Drills, designed to effortlessly create holes in your glass projects. Our selection of hole drills offers a range of sizes, from 3-millimeter to 100-millimeter diameters, each individually priced to accommodate your specific needs. 

Unlock the possibilities as you use these drills to fashion holes for plugs, hanging pieces, fountains, sink basins, fittings, fixtures and beyond. Use water to make holes while maintaining control over dust. 

With a shaft size compatible with a standard 3/8-inch cordless drill, our hole drills ensure a long lifespan and continuous performance. 

As the hole drill gradually wears down, a fresh layer of diamonds is unveiled, ensuring a prolonged and efficient service life. Elevate your creative process with these tools, designed to redefine durability and precision in hole drilling.

4. Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet Set

Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet Set

The nine-piece Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet Set is your go-to for flawlessly polishing and buffing out imperfections on glass surfaces. With three essential grits — medium, fine and extra-fine — each in three shapes, this versatile set guarantees outstanding polishing results.

Constructed with precision, these diamond polishing rotary tools feature a solid diamond grit composition, ensuring their durability and efficiency. 

With a 2.3-millimeter diameter shaft, these tools seamlessly integrate with your rotary equipment for a hassle-free polishing experience.

5. Four-Piece 25-mm Spiral Band Set

Four-Piece 25-mm Spiral Band Set

Discover the ultimate solution for material removal with our four-piece 25-millimeter Spiral Band Set. These larger abrasive cylinders provide the versatility of three distinct levels of grit, allowing you to sand away material quickly. 

As a testament to convenience, this set includes a rubber mandrel that supports the cylinders for a seamless sanding experience. Please note that it is intended for use with a cordless drill, not a corded drill or Dremel Tools.

Each spiral band cylinder features diamond sanding paper, measuring 25 millimeters x 25 millimeters, perfectly designed to meet your sanding needs. The grits include 60, 120 and 200, catering to various levels of abrasion for different projects. 

Unlock the potential of this set as you tackle your next glass project. Sand contoured areas, smooth sharp edges, and even resize lids and more with ease. Experience the efficiency and precision of this set, a must-have tool for achieving flawless results. 

6. Six-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads with Rounded Corners

Six-Piece Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads with Rounded Corners

Our long-lasting Flexible Diamond Sanding Pads were crafted with specially engineered uniform diamonds, setting them apart from the competition with resistance to clogging. 

These sanding pads offer unparalleled ease of use, measuring 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches and featuring a 1/4-inch foam backing. This six-piece set includes a range of grits, ensuring optimal results for every project:

  • A 60 grit (coarse) sanding pad is ideal for tackling rough glass.
  • A 120 grit (medium) sanding pad suitable for general-purpose applications.
  • A 200 grit (fine) sanding pad is perfect for achieving a smooth surface.
  • A 400 grit (extra fine) sanding pad for taking smoothing to the next level.
  • An ultra-fine 800 grit sanding pad dedicated to impeccable polishing.
  • A 1500 grit sanding pad designed for the utmost precision in final polishing.

Designed to be used with water to minimize dust, these sanding pads outlast traditional sandpaper, providing reliable performance over time as you use them to smooth your glass art. Experience reduced fatigue compared with conventional abrasives, paired with ease and efficiency, making sanding a breeze. 

7. Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set

Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set

Efficiency and precision unite with our Flexible Diamond Sanding Strip Set — the ultimate solution for transforming rough glass edges into smooth masterpieces. 

Crafted for durability and performance, our sanding strips outshine traditional sandpaper, offering a superior sanding experience. This set has five distinct grits, ensuring you'll never struggle to find the perfect sanding strip again.

Measuring 3/4 of an inch x 7 inches, these diamond grit sanding strips are not only versatile but also semi-flexible, with a woven fiberglass backing that guarantees stability during use. The included grits cover a spectrum of needs: 

  • 60 (green)
  • 120 (brown)
  • 200 (red)
  • 400 (yellow)
  • 800 (white)

All provide the versatility you require for different projects. From refining sharp edges to excelling in glass art, these strips rise to the occasion.

Our flexible sanding strips can be used wet or dry, and the flexibility of our sanding strips enables effortless maneuvering in tight areas, revolutionizing your sanding process. 

With fewer strokes and less force required, these strips empower you to achieve excellence in your craft, reimagining sanding possibilities.

8. Diamond File Set

Diamond File Set

Our Diamond File Set is designed to address even the smallest imperfections in your glass art. This set features the J11 and J12 Diamond files, renowned for their exceptional material-removal capabilities. 

Whether you're dealing with sharp glass edges or chips, these files offer the perfect solution with four grit options. The J11 Diamond File offers a combination of grits:

  • 60 grit (coarse) for heavy-duty tasks 
  • 120 grit (medium) for versatile general purposes 

In addition, the J12 Diamond File covers the fine and extra-fine spectrum, featuring: 

  • 200 grit for smoothing
  • 400 grit for refinement

Both files are crafted from exquisite hardwood in the United States, with a full file size of 6.25 inches x 1/4 of an inch.

The advantages of these files extend to both wet and dry usage, ensuring optimal performance for any glass project. Enjoy a smoother and faster sanding process compared with other abrasive options, as these diamond files redefine efficiency. 

9. Diamond Polishing Paste Set

Diamond Polishing Paste Set

The Diamond Polishing Paste Set features a professional, oil-based compound that can be used on various materials, including ceramics, glass and lapidary pieces. Whether applied manually or with buffing bits, these pastes can bring your glass art to a new level of radiance.

Each 50-gram container holds the power of exceptional grits. The range encompasses the grits below, catering to all your polishing needs:

  • 400
  • 600
  • 800 (superfine)
  • 1,000
  • 1,200
  • 2,000
  • 3,000
  • 8,000 (ultra fine)

Experience a faster, easier and far more superior polishing method compared with other abrasive alternatives. Our Diamond Polishing Pastes will help your glass creations shine brighter than ever before.

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From flexible sanding pads that effortlessly smooth details to spiral band sets that tackle rough spots, DiamondCore® Tools are designed to elevate your glass projects. With the promise of durability, versatility and enhanced performance, our glass tools will quickly become your new favorites in your artistic journey.

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