How to Find an International DiamondCore® Tools Dealer


Since 1996, DiamondCore® Tools has been crafting high-quality pottery tools that have been game-changers for ceramic artists worldwide. Beyond our commitment to developing and manufacturing the best pottery tools, we also strive to offer the best customer service and overall experience for our customers day in and day out.

That commitment to customer service has driven us to innovate how we sell our tools. We sell direct to consumers through our online shop and ship our products both domestically and internationally. Some countries have higher import taxes than others, and once an order leaves the hands of the United States Postal Service, we are not responsible, nor can we reimburse customers, for duties, customs fees, import taxes or lost/stolen packages.

To keep shipping costs manageable and to help you avoid paying possibly unnecessary fees, taxes and increased shipping charges, we have curated a thoughtful network of trusted international distributors! This has allowed us to continue providing our amazing pottery tools with seamless, cost-effective shipping and delivery.

Please use our International Dealer Locator to find a store that sells DiamondCore Tools in your area! We are also accepting applications to find new international distributors. So if there isn’t a dealer in your geographic area, ask your favorite shop to apply!


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    Maria – We’re sorry the map isn’t loading for you. Can we help you find an international dealer in a particular location?

  • Maria

    I don’t think the map is loading.


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