DiamondCore® Tools In Action: P Series Carving Tools

With DiamondCore® Tools, you can trust that our pottery tools will be high quality and durable, allowing artists to create unique designs and shapes with ease! See for yourself how DiamondCore® Tools stand above the competition through quick videos that showcase their work. Then, order some advanced diamond technology for yourself to start creating your own ceramic masterpieces!

P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool

This must-have carving tool is the perfect addition to anyone’s pottery tool collection! The pencil-like point of this carving tool allows you to create crisp, clean lines every time you use it. See how the P1 Carving Tool cuts through clay like butter! 



P2 Curved U Tip 6 mm Carving Tool

Our P2 Curved Carving Tool is great for creating precise, U-shaped grooves in clay. The pencil-like handle allows you to have both comfort and control while you work on your ceramic projects. This is the perfect carving tool for any artist! 



P3 Curved XL U Tip 6 mm Carving Tool

This pottery tool features an extra-long and slightly thicker blade that can create clean, rounded grooves. Add this tool to your toolkit to start creating different shapes and textures that you haven’t been able to before!



P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool

If you’re looking for a special carving tool to add to your collection, we have you covered! Our P4 fluting tool is one of our unique carvers, great for carving and sculpting hard clay. You’re going to want this tool in your collection ASAP, so order now!  



P5 Curved Square Tip 9 mm Carving Tool, aka Relief Carver 

This tool is affectionately known at DiamondCore Tools as the Relief Carver! The stainless steel blade cuts through pottery easily and precisely, and the pencil-like handle reduces hand fatigue while you work!



P6L Hook Tip Carving Tool (Left Handed)

At DiamondCore® Tools, we make sure to take into consideration our left-handed artists! Our P6L Hook Carving Tool allows left-handed artists to accomplish fine-detail carving, creating clean, fine lines. This is a must-have pottery tool for left-handed artists!  



P6R Hook Tip Carving Tool (Right Handed)

Right-handed potters will love our P6R Carving Tool! Like our P6L Carving Tool, you’ll be able to create clean, fine lines throughout your pottery project. Add this tool to your collection today!  



P7 Curved Tip Square Tip 6 mm Carving Tool

The sharp blade on our P7 Curved Tip Carving Tool never dulls thanks to our DiamondCore® stainless steel blade! You can work harder and faster without fatigue, creating crisp, clean lines. Our P7 Curved Square Tip Carving Tool is great for creating perfectly clean, square 6 mm grooves on bone dry or leather-hard clay. In the “beak down” position, it’s ideal for carving clay, while in the “beak up” position it’s a wonderful sgraffito tool! 



P8U U Tip 6 mm Palm Carver

Our P8U Palm Carver is a handy, lightweight tool that improves maneuverability while creating clean grooves in your pottery pieces. From sgraffito to mishima, sculpting to scraping and more, this palm carver can help you achieve the perfect look. 



P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver

This carving tool features the same V tip as our P1 Carving Tool but is designed for easier maneuverability with its smaller palm carver handle. Add this tool to your collection for precise, clean lines!



P9 Slim Reach U Tip 4 mm Carving Tool

Our P9 Carving Tool is a fan favorite! Create clean, round 4 mm grooves with ease. The pencil-like handle increases your control as you work, making your pottery carving more precise!



P10 Curved Wide U Tip 12 mm Carving Tool

This is the tool that you’ve been looking for to create clean, 12 mm grooves! The wide U tip is ideal for carving crisp notches into your pottery projects. If you haven’t already grabbed one of these for your studio, you’re missing out! 



P11 Curved Wide V Tip 12 mm Carving Tool 

Our P11 Curved Wide V Tip carving tool is perfect for creating precise V-shaped grooves. With an adjustable blade angle, you’ll be able to decide how deep each cut is based on how you want your project to turn out! 



P12 Straight V Tip Carving Tool

This tool was crafted to create shallow, fine, sgraffito lines. DiamondCore’s advanced stainless steel blades allow this tool to help you to create sgraffito pottery easily, helping you to achieve success while you work! 



P17 Straight U Tip 3 mm Carving Tool

This carving tool is the perfect addition to your ceramic toolkit! Our P17 Carving Tool was made for carving shallow, 3 mm grooves and sgraffito. You’re going to love the pencil-like handle, offering control and stability while you carve!



P18 Straight U Tip 6 mm Carving Tool

The U tip design of our P18 Carving Tool is perfect for sgraffito or shallow carving! With our stainless steel blades, you’ll be able to carve bone dry or leather-hard clay with ease. Our DiamondCore® tools truly make a difference when it comes to carving your ceramic work!




If you have any questions about choosing the right pottery tools for your project, we’re here to help! Leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram!

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