Trim tool kit including arc trim tool with cone shaped stylus, slanted square trim tool, sticky bat, and trimming spinner
Sticky pottery bat, trimming tools, and trimming spinner

NEW! Trimming Tool Kit #1 (T2, T3, S3, S4; $179 when purchased separately)

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Don’t miss this limited time offer! Purchase the DiamondCore Tools Trim Kit #1 and receive four great ceramic tools all bundled into one convenient package. The Trim Kit #1 includes:

  • A T2 Arc Trimming Tool with Cone-Shaped Stylus
  • A T3 Slanted Square Trimming Tool with Square-Tipped Handle
  • A 14-inch (355-millimeter) Pottery Sticky Bat
  • Trimming Spinner

Bundled together, this kit is just $159. Purchased separately, these ceramic tools would cost $179, making this a great limited-time offer. Learn more about each of these pottery tools below. 

T2 Arc Clay Trimming Tool with Cone-Shaped Stylus

  • 1.18" (30 mm) wide arc but sloped front edge pottery trimming tool
  • Advanced blade technology keeps the blade sharp; doesn’t dull, rust, or shatter
  • Allows you to shave off large, thin ribbons with minimal drag
  • Arc trims from the foot to the rim without flipping it
  • Rough-sanded handles look great and provide better grip 

T3 Slanted Square Clay Trimming Tool with Square-Tipped Handle

  • 0.59" (15 mm) wide straight but sloped front edge pottery trimming tool
  • The optimized, never-dull blade is sharp every time you use it
  • The slanted tip allows a flat cut or getting in a foot corner
  • Rugged stainless steel blades don't rust or shatter

14" (355 mm) Pottery Sticky Bat

  • 14" (355 mm) pottery bat covered with a rubberized material
  • Grips greenware pieces for easy and efficient trimming   
  • Designed for trimming dinnerware and low-profile pieces
  • Allows you to easily check the thickness of your piece
  • Saves on trimming time

Trimming Spinner

  • Provides a wider area to disperses downward pressure on your piece
  • Helps to prevent collapsing on thin pieces
  • Allows your trimming hand to be stabilized on your other hand
  • Has division marks for quick reference for markings

Made in the USA