Pottery Trimming Tool Kit 1 - DiamondCore Tools
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4-Piece Trimming Tool Set 1

24.0 oz
$159.00 $183.00

Purchase the DiamondCore Tools Pottery Trimming Tools Set 1 and receive four great ceramic tools all bundled into one convenient package. The Pottery Trimming Tool Set 1 from DiamondCore Tools includes:

  • A T2 Arc Trimming Tool with Cone-Shaped Stylus
  • A T3 Slanted Square Trimming Tool with Square-Tipped Handle
  • A 14-inch (355-millimeter) Pottery Sticky Bat
  • S4 Trimming Spinner

Bundled together, this pottery trimming tool kit is just $159. Purchased separately, these ceramic tools would cost $183, making this an incredible value. Learn more about each of these USA-made pottery tools below. 

T2 Arc Clay Trimming Tool with Cone-Shaped Stylus

  • 18 inch (30 mm)-wide arc but sloped front edge pottery trimming tool
  • Advanced blade technology keeps the blade sharp; doesn’t dull, rust or shatter
  • Allows you to shave off large, thin ribbons with minimal drag
  • Arc trims from the foot to the rim without flipping it
  • Rough-sanded handles look great and provide better grip 

T3 Slanted Square Clay Trimming Tool with Square-Tipped Handle

  • 59 inch (15 mm)-wide straight but sloped front edge pottery trimming tool
  • The optimized, never-dull blade is sharp every time you use it
  • The slanted tip allows a flat cut or getting in a foot corner
  • Rugged stainless-steel blades don't rust or shatter

14-inch (355 mm) Pottery Sticky Bat

  • 14 inch (355 mm) pottery bat covered with a rubberized material
  • Grips greenware pieces for easy and efficient trimming   
  • Designed for trimming dinnerware and low-profile pieces
  • Allows you to easily check the thickness of your piece
  • Saves on trimming time

S4 Trimming Spinner

  • Provides a wider area to disperses downward pressure on your piece
  • Helps to prevent collapsing on thin pieces
  • Allows your trimming hand to be stabilized on your other hand
  • Has division marks for quick reference for markings