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D11/D12 Slim Cone Rotary Tools, 80# or 170#

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SKU: D11

Get a D11/D12 Slim Cone Rotary Tool from DiamondCore® Tools today!


  • Solid Diamond Grinding rotary tool burrs made of solid diamond grit and metal down to the shaft
  • 4 mm x 15mm length CONE shape
  • D11 80 grit, coarse for grinding
  • D12 170 grit, fine for autographing or personalizing


  • Grinding glaze drips, bisque or high-fired ceramic
  • Also works on tile, stone or glass
  • Removing sharp edges, smooth chipped edges
  • Shaping or cleanup of bisque spots
  • Removing kiln shelf debris


  • Rapid removal of unwanted material
  • Long lifespan if used properly
  • Dust is controlled with water use
  • Shaft size: 3 mm dia. (1/8")
  • As the tool wears, a new layer of diamonds is exposed 


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Always use safety goggles
  • Be certain to clean and remove all debris from splash pans
  • Use cordless rotary tool to avoid water getting in motor
  • Always use with water to extend tool life and control dust
  • Do not attempt to force or pry with this tool
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Note: For longevity, use water, high speed and gentle pressure. Overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan and change the tool shape. "Let the diamonds do the work." 


Diamond autographing head!!!!

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