Rib Set 2

DiamondCore Tools Rib Set 2
Pottery Wood Rib 50 mm
Pottery Wood Rib 50 mm
Small Metal Pottery Rib

Rib Set 2

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\Whether you’re just starting your pottery journey or you’re a seasoned ceramics veteran, ribs are the little tools you can’t live without. Now you can find an amazing mix of wood and metal ribs in one place!

If purchased separately, these tools would cost $24. Save money by bundling them and get this set for $22! Learn more about each of these tools below. 

The DiamondCore® Rib Set 2 includes: 

Wood Rib 50 mm

  • Beautifully oiled, hardwood rib (wood grain may vary)
  • Approximately 50 mm wide, 70 mm long, and 13 mm deep
  • Perfect for opening clay on the wheel, elongating narrow vessels
  • Laser engraving on both sides improves grip in wet conditions

Small Metal Rib

  • Stainless steel, equilateral triangle metal rib
  • 8.7 cm width by 6.6 cm height (~3.4 by 2.4 inches)
  • Scoring section, curved corners, inset center holes
  • Diamond logo cutout improves grip


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children



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