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P6L Hook Tip Zebrawood Pencil Carver (Left Handed)
P6L Hook Tip Zebrawood Pencil Carver (Left Handed)
P6L Hook Tip Zebrawood Pencil Carver (Left Handed)

P6L Hook Tip Zebrawood Pencil Carver (Left Handed)

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Zebrawood pencil carvers can be used for clay carving, sgraffito, mishima, sculpting, and more. The  "Hook Tip" was designed for easier visibility of the carving area, yet still provide the clean "V" lines.  Zebratools are constructed of hand-made exotic zebrawood handles and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. 

Handles are intentionally rough-sanded to provide better grip.   No other tool can match these tools in performance. They leave little or no burs or debris, carve faster with much less resistance and therefore with much less hand/wrist/muscle fatigue. They are much sharper than ordinary loop tools, have adjustable blade angle, a 5.75" long handle with a built-in stylus, and a comfortable foam grip.

The blades are self-sharpening (made of sheet stainless steel ), and are designed with a wider opening in the back to prevent clogging, leaving cleaner, crisper lines. Carving is done with the V slicing through the clay.

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Wood grain and foam grip colors may vary. 

 Handmade in the USA.

Please avoid cheap imitation copycat versions of these tools which we invented so that we can continue to invent more gamechanger tools.




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... we keep getting requests .... for more videos of the P6R “Hook Tip” Zebratool in action..... well here’s this one from @juliettedavin . She likes it because it creates the super crisp clean lines our tools are known for AND she can see right where her sketch lines are! ( also available in Leftie version) ... comes standard with adjustable blade angle, replaceable blade capability, less fatigue, foam grip and all the other standard features. This is one of those tools that gives even experienced potters a bit of a “bucking bronco” feel at first... and has to be tamed...but it also gives them a chance to explore doing things they couldn’t do before.... but we like creating game changer tools. .. .. .. .. .. .. 🐎 🐎🐎. #ceramicgamechangers .......... #pottery #clay #ceramics #zebratools #handmade #luminarias #instaart #instamood #instagood #instalike #art #ceramic #ceramics #ceramica #chocolate #polymerclay #wax #diamondcoretools #diamondsareapottersbestfriend

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