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8-Piece Mini Circular Diamond Pad Set



This 8-piece set of Mini Circular Diamond Pads with hook-and-loop backs makes sanding and polishing a breeze. From coarse to ultra fine grit, each 25 mm pad attaches to your handheld rotary tool with the included 3 mm adapter shaft. It’s the perfect accessory to get the finished look on your small features. Not recommended for large surface areas. 

  • 60 grit (coarse) for rough heavy clay or glaze (green)
  • 120 grit (medium) general purpose (black)
  • 240 grit (fine) for smoothing (red)
  • 400 grit (extra fine) smoothing (yellow)
  • 800 grit (super fine) smoothing (white)
  • 1500 grit (ultra fine) polishing (blue)
  • 3000 grit (ultra fine) polishing (orange)


  • Attaches to any rotary tool with included 3 mm adapter shaft
  • Interchangeable hook-and-loop pads perfect for variety of tasks 
  • Smooths high-fired clay, glaze, bisque, tile, stone or glass
  • Removes small imperfections
  • Smooth a foot or cup rim without damaging the glaze


  • Can be used wet or dry (doesn’t deteriorate in water)
  • Controls dust when used with water
  • Outlasts sandpaper
  • Less fatigue than sandpaper
  • Faster and easier than sanding with other types of abrasives  


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children  

Note: The higher-grit pads have resin-based “dots,” which are designed for additional smoothing only after smoothing with lower-grit pads. The dots will show wear as the pads are used. This is normal and how they are designed to work. Trying to polish a piece without first smoothing with lower-grit diamond pads will cause the dots to wear much more rapidly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christi M.

Recently had some items come out of the bisque with bad scumming on the black clay. Didnt known what I was going to do, then I found and ordered the mini circular diamond pads for a dremel. I was shocked at how well and fast it removed the scum. Totally worth it! I would have been hand sanding for hours what they removed in minutes! Excellent product! Thank you!!

Thank you for your review, Christi! Glad to hear the Mini Circular Diamond Pad Set could remove that imperfection!


Amazing does a great job I use it for stones and they come out looking like glass. Awesome company I accidentally payed twice for the same stuff and they reached out to me to see if it was a mistake or not and refunded my money. And than I didn’t know that ups didn’t know where my address was so it was returned to sender and I emailed them asking to resend it to another address and they did without charging me for shipping great customer service

Michelle C.O.

They work great. I buy from you because you make and sell quality products but, There is still no paper coming with the pads stating which color is which grit! Please it’s not that hard to do.

Thank you for your review! Please visit the product page again where all details requested are posted. We try to limit paper instructions where possible.


Received these as a gift and had the opportunity to use them today. They made short work of polishing the small items I used them on. Couldn't be easier. I do agree with the previous review, tho', that a paper describing the colors/grit would be helpful. I copied the list from this website to keep with the pads.

Bob G.
What the grit?

I bought this set to polish my jewelry enameling projects and they work great. BUT, why don't you put a piece of paper in the box indicating which color is which grit. I had to go on your web site and and match colors of other products with what I purchased. Time consuming and unnecessary.

Hello, Bob! We're sorry there was some confusion initially as to what grit each colored pad is. Based on your experience, we have updated the product description to clarify which color is which grit. Thank you for letting us know how we could improve!