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25mm Spiral Band — #60, #120, #200 (Sold Individually)


Remove material from your ceramic pieces using one of our three 25mm Spiral Band options. These large cylinders are made of diamond sanding paper in a variety of grits, making them ideal for grinding in small areas or on contoured surfaces. Typically, abrasive bands are placed over an expanding rubber mandrel, which is then attached to a drill.

Rubber mandrel not included.


Diamond sanding paper on spiral band cylinder, 25 mm X 25 mm. Sanding paper grit sizes include 60, 120, and 200.


  • Works on bisque, high-fired clay or glaze, glass, tile, stone
  • Perfect for sanding contoured areas
  • Removing a sharp edge on a handle, rim or foot
  • Resizing a lid to a jar
  • Much easier for smoothing rounded areas


    • Always use with water
    • Wear safety glasses
    • Use with a cordless drill, not corded electric
    • Observe all safety precautions
    • Keep away from small children