K6R Hook Tip Zebrawood Carver (Right Handed)

K6R Hook Tip Zebrawood Carver (Right Handed)

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    Hook Tip blade Zebracarver
    Has unique ergonomic handle shape
    For low angle carving and to allow better visibility
    Creates fine, clean straight or arced lines
    Handle size 30mm height, 16mm wide, 70mm length

    • By placing the thumb behind the blade
        and fingers on the back end of the handle
        the artist can carve away from themselves,
        or grip the sides for pulling toward self
    • Great low -angle carving and easy visibility
    • Carving clay (in the "beak down" position)
    • Sgraffito (in the "beak up" position)
    • Mishima, sculpting, scraping and more

   • Leaves little to no burrs or debris
   • Carve faster and deeper if desired
   • Can carve leather hard clay
   • Adjustable blade angle
   • Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue
   • Beautiful hardwood built-in stylus
   • Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening
   • Spare blade sets are available for purchase

   • Use all appropriate safety precautions
   • Keep out of the reach of children
   • Woodgrain and foam grip colors may vary

   Handmade in the USA