Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit 25 mm - 180 Grit – DiamondCore Tools
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Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit 25 mm - 180 Grit

4.0 oz

This Hole Counter Sink Drill Bit is designed to create, enlarge, shape, trim and finish holes in ceramics, porcelain, tile, glass and more. Use the the specialized shape with a drill to create a chamfered 45-degree edge around a hole up to 25 mm in diameter. This diamond grit bit is incredibly long-lasting with proper use.


  • Hole counter sink drill bit made of diamond grit and metal
  • 25 mm width X 15 mm length tapered cone shape
  • 8 mm shaft
  • 180 grit


  • Creates conical holes up to 25 mm
  • Works on tile, stone or glass
  • Can also grind away glaze drips, bisque or high-fired ceramic
  • Remove sharp edges, smooth chipped edges
  • Shape or cleanup bisque spots
  • Remove kiln shelf debris


  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Controls dust when used with water


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children  

Note: For longevity, use water, high speed and gentle pressure. Overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan and change the tool shape. "Let the diamonds do the work."