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5-Piece Diamond Sandpaper Set

1.5 oz
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Sanding your ceramic art can separate smooth professional pieces from scratchy novice work. There's nothing like Diamond Sandpaper for every step of the process, either getting those rough drips off a foot or buffing the glaze on a mug to a beautiful shine. Now you can buy all the grits of Diamond Sandpaper we offer in a convenient, affordable set. Plus, these extremely thin and flexible sanding papers work well with glass, tile and stone projects too. 

Purchased separately, all these sandpapers would cost $175. See what an excellent value this set is!


Diamond sanding paper comes in 2.5" x 4" pieces. Sanding paper grit sizes include: 

  • 120
  • 200
  • 400
  • 800
  • 1500


  • This diamond grit sandpaper for ceramics is great for smoothing intricate details or tight crevices 
  • Works on bone dry, bisque, high-fired clay or glaze, glass, tile, stone
  • Perfect for sanding contoured areas
  • Removing a sharp edge on a handle, rim or foot
  • Much easier for smoothing rounded areas


  • Diamond grit sandpaper can be used wet or dry
  • Extremely flexible for getting in tight areas 
  • Doesn't disintegrate in water like sandpaper
  • Much faster than sandpaper
  • Much longer-lasting than sandpaper
  • Requires fewer strokes and less force than sandpaper


  •  Use all safety precautions
  •  Keep out of the reach of children