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Diamond Polishing Paste Set

4.0 lb
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Our Diamond Polishing Pastes will help your artistry shine above the rest! This professional, oil-based polishing compound is created with diamond powder to give your ceramics, glass and lapidary pieces the ultimate finish. Can be used manually or with felt-wool buffing bits to polish your work. Each grit comes in a 50-gram container — save money when you buy them all together over individually!

Not recommended for large surface areas. 


  • 400 grit (super fine)
  • 600 grit (super fine)
  • 800 grit (super fine) 
  • 1000 grit (ultra fine)
  • 1200 grit (ultra fine)
  • 2000 grit (ultra fine) 
  • 3000 grit (ultra fine) 
  • 8000 grit (ultra fine) 


  • Buffing and polishing ceramics, glass, tile, lapidary
  • Remove small imperfections, scratches
  • Smooth ceramics without damaging the glaze


  • Far more precise than sandpaper
  • Faster and easier than polishing with other types of abrasives  


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children