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Circle Diamond Pads

1.0 oz


    Diamond grit 5" diameter circle pads 
    Velcro-backed ,1/16" thick and flexible 
    (price is each and they are sold separately, orbital sander not included)    

         60  grit (coarse) for rough heavy clay or glaze

         120 grit (medium) general purpose

         240 grit (fine) for smoothing 

         400 grit smoothing

         800 grit smoothing

         1800 grit polishing

         3500 grit polishing

    • Smooth off high-fired clay, glaze, bisque, tile, stone or glass
    • Smoothing the foot or the sides and rim of a ceramic piece
    • Smooths foot to prevent scratching a table 
    • Prevents foot from snagging a tablecloth
    • Can be used by hand or with an orbital sander

    • Can be used wet or dry (doesn't deteriorate in water)
    • Far outlast sandpaper
    • Far less fatigue than sandpaper sanding
    • May be used by hand or installed on an orbital sander
    • The velcro block may be used in conjunction or not

    • Use all appropriate safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children 
Important note: These type of pads have resin-based hex bumps. The bumps will show wear as the pads are used.  This is normal and how they are designed to work.