3-Piece Fine Point Clay Carving Set 1 - DiamondCore Tools
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3-Piece Fine Point Set 1 (FP1, FP3, FP5)

$99.00 $114.00

If you’re looking for some great ceramic carving tools that allow you to get into tight places to craft fine, intricate details into your pottery, you’ve come to the right place.

We've updated our original PF SET of tools — same blade shapes, new comfy grips. 

If purchased separately, these tools would cost more than $114. Save money by bundling them and get this set for $99! Learn more about each of these tools below. 

FP1 Fine Point U Tip 1 mm X 1 mm

  • 1 mm U tip x 1 mm-wide straight blade
  • Hardwood pencil carver with 1 mm tip
  • Perfect for creating fine, clean detail 

FP3 Fine Point U Tip 3 mm X 1 mm

  • 3 mm-diameter U Tip x 1 mm-wide straight blade
  • Pencil carver for finer detail work on your pottery
  • Designed to create clean 3-mm grooves

FP5 Fine Point U Tip 5mm X 1mm

  • 5 mm-diameter U tip x 1 mm-wide straight blade
  • Used for creating clean, detailed 5-mm grooves
  • 5.5-inch (140 mm) long pencil-type handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Joanne M.

I was really hesitant to order these. I saw what people were making for months, but just couldn’t justify the price for a tool I somewhat had but honestly not really. These tools are awesome, they are sharp, the cut through clay like butter! I am so happy I spent the money. The possibilities are endless for me and I love the fact that I have two blades per tool. So nice! Wish you guys had started these about 17 years ago when I had just started my business! But thanks for making and American made tool that’s very efficient!