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12" Diamond Grinding Disc

25.0 oz
Sanding with a potters wheel? You need the 12" Diamond Grinding Disc from DiamondCore Tools! It's available in 3 sizes: 60 grit for coarse, heavy glaze/high-fired clay removal, 120 grit for medium, general-purpose or pot leveling, and 240 grit for fine smoothing. These Diamond Grinding Discs are faster than silicon carbide and sandpaper.
Installation instructions: select a smooth, clean, flat waterproof bat to dedicate.  Draw centering rings on the bat. Peel and remove the red film from the back of the disc. Place the disc in the center on the bat adhesive side down taking care to keep in the center.  press down and keep a weight of 25 lbs on it overnight while flat for maximum bond.

*Technique Note: Always use water, high speed and gentle pressure... "Let the diamonds do the work."  (overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan)





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