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Explorer Pottery Carver Set (T1, P1, S1, S4, A2, SR, P1-2; $184 when purchased separately)

1.0 lb

Save big with our Explorer Pottery Carver Set, a true must-have for artists! Don’t miss this offer on some of our most popular pottery tools bundled together. This set includes a wide variety of essential ceramic tools, including:

  • T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle
  • P1 Curved V Tip pencil Carving Tool
  • Sticky Pad 
  • Trimming Spinner
  • Semi-Flexible Diamond Pad 
  • Shrink Ruler (Double Sided)

These great tools are essential for any ceramic artist’s collection. Sold separately, the retail price is $184. Save money by bundling them together in our handy Starter Kit for only $149! You can learn more about each of these tools below. 

T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle

  • 17 mm-wide, half-dome shaped pottery trimming tool
  • Blade has both a round side and a crisp straight corner 
  • Paddle-shaped handle provides a bonus smoothing tool
  • 12 mm x 12 mm x 16 cm beautiful hardwood handle 
  • Blade never dulls; optimized to reduce chattering

P1 Curved V Tip Pencil Carver

  • "V" Tip curved blade
  • Used for carving clay (“beak down” position) and sgraffito (“beak up” position)
  • Ideal for fine, clean straight or arched lines
  • 5” beautiful hardwood handle
  • Features a comfortable foam grip 

StickyPad - Gripping Pad

  • 8”-diameter (20.32 cm) pottery sticky bat
  • 8 mm-thick mat of rubberized material
  • Ideal for gripping greenware and low-profile pieces for trimming; keeps pieces stable       
  • Makes it easy to draw centering rings on the surface using a ballpoint pen
  • Good for working with bisque, leather-hard or bone dry clay

Trimming spinner

  • Goes on the bottom of a pot or mug while trimming; the potter's left hand rests in the concave center allowing the potter to stabilize their trimming hand 
  • Wider footprint helps to disperse downward pressure and prevent collapsing
  • Division marks provide quick reference for markings

Semi-Flexible Diamond Pad 

  • Diamond grit pads 1.75″ x 2.75″ pads 
  • Semi-flexible foam-backed pads with diamond grit
  • 1/2" foam-backing "workhorse" pads
  • Strong 120 (medium) diamond grit perfect for general use; works faster than sandpaper
  • Ideal for smoothing high-fired clay, glaze, bisque, tile, stone or glass 

Double-sided Shrink Ruler

  • An innovative way to measure the shrinkage of your clay 
  • Flexible, two-sided plastic ruler has four clay shrinkage percentages (14%, 12%, 10% and 6%) to help matching lids to bowls, etc. 

Note: This set has replaced the Starter Pottery Tool Set, previously introduced for a limited time.