Small Hole Drill Set (H6, H15; $58 when purchased separately)

Small Hole Drill Set (H6, H15; $58 when purchased separately)

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    Diamond Hole Drills  
    Sizes: 6mm and 15mm diameters    LIMITED TIME OFFER

    • Making holes in bisque or high-fired ceramic, tile, or glass
    • Drill holes for plugs, hanging pieces, a drain hole for a plant
    • Make holes for fountains, sink basins, fittings, fixtures etc.  
    • Create a hole after final high temp firing
    • No need to calculate shrinkage to get desired size
    • Long lifespan if used properly with water
    • Dust is controlled with water use
    • Shaft size for normal household 3/8" cordless drill 
    • As the tool wears a new layer of diamonds is exposed
    • Much longer lasting than diamond edge hole drills

    • Use all appropriate safety precautions
    • Always use safety goggles
    • Always check to remove core after each drilling
    • Make certain that debris does not get into moist clay
    • Use normal cordless drill and avoid getting water in drill
    • Always use water to maximize tool life and control dust
    • Do not attempt to force or pry with this tool
    • Keep out of the reach of children

*Technique Note: Keep the diamond section of the drill bathed in water while drilling. Use an ordinary cordless drill. Start at a slight angle to get started, then tilt upright and use light pressure, high speed and a gentle rotation motion.... "Letting the diamonds do the work."  For longevity use water, high speed an gentle pressure.  Overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan and change the tool shape.