4-Piece 19mm Spiral Band Set

4-Piece 19mm Spiral Band Set

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Take care of sanding intricate areas in your pottery project with our 4-Piece 19mm Spiral Band Set. These smaller abrasive cylinders come in three grits so you can sand away any imperfections easier than ever before. Plus, the rubber mandrel that supports the cylinders is included in the set.


Diamond sanding paper on spiral band cylinder, 19 mm X 25 mm. Mandrel included. Sanding paper grit sizes include: 

  • 60, 120 and 200
  • Mandrel attached to 1/4-inch shaft for cordless drill (not for Dremel Tool)


  • Works on bisque, high-fired clay or glaze, glass, tile, stone
  • Perfect for sanding contoured areas
  • Removing a sharp edge on a handle, rim or foot
  • Resizing a lid to a jar
  • Much easier for smoothing rounded areas


    • Always use with water
    • Wear safety glasses
    • Use with a cordless drill, not corded electric
    • Observe all safety precautions
    • Keep away from small children
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