Set of 8" Diamond Grinding Discs on 12" Bats - DiamondCore Tools
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3-Piece 8" Diamond Grinding Disc Set

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The 8" Diamond Grinding Discs on 12" Bats last longer and provide better results than silicon carbide abrasives. This set of grinding discs comes with 60 grit, 120 grit and 240 grit grinding discs on 12" bats. 


  • 8" Diamond Grinding Discs "POTSAVERS" on 12" bat
  • Adhesive-backed metal plate with diamonds fused on
  • Diamond grit has a 7000 hardness rating (silicon carbide abrasive is only rated at 2400 hardness)
  • Rigid plastic bat has both 9" and 10" bat pin spacing
  • 60 grit – coarse – heavy glaze or high-fired clay removal
  • 120 grit – medium – general purpose/pot leveling
  • 240 grit – fine – smoothing
  • Bat color may vary from pictured


  • Permanently attached to a bat for pottery wheel use
  • Remove high-fired glaze drips or high-fired ceramic
  • Level a warped pot
  • Grind tile, stone, or glass
  • Level kiln shelf posts and furniture


  • Long lifespan if used properly with water
  • Dust is controlled with water use
  • Lasts longer than silicon carbide
  • Multiple grit sizes available
  • Faster than silicon carbide & sandpaper
  • Better results
  • Less fatigue than other sanding methods


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Always use safety goggles
  • Be certain that debris does not get into moist, usable clay
  • Carefully clean splash pans to remove all sharp debris
  • Always use with water to maximize tool life & control dust
  • Do not attempt to force grinding
  • Take care to avoid skin removal
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Note: Always use water, high speed and gentle pressure. “Let the diamonds do the work.” Overheating the tool will decrease tool lifespan.